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Weaker demand and lower global investment in semiconductor equipment

due to the slowdown in market demand growth, this will affect the investment in global semiconductor production equipment, making the global investment in semiconductor production equipment continue to slow down in the first half of this year. However, the growth of semiconductor sales after July has stimulated the enthusiasm of investors whose production equipment press stopped working. At present, the investment in semiconductor production equipment around the world has begun to improve

according to the report of the economic times of India on September 19, gounard consulting company recently said that due to the soft market demand and slow growth in the short term, this will affect the investment in global semiconductor production equipment

it is reported that the investment in global semiconductor production equipment is expected to decline by 8.5% compared with 2012. 3. Low shrinkage nylon modified materials reached US $34.6 billion, compared with us $37.8 billion last year

the relevant person in charge of the consulting company claimed that the weak trend of the global semi pair clamp conductor market has continued since the first quarter of this year, and the global purchase demand for new semiconductors and new equipment has declined. However, the investment in semiconductor equipment will improve in the rest of this year, as the shipments of its orders begin to grow

according to the prediction of gounard consulting company, the investment in global semiconductors will increase by 14.1% in 2014, and will continue to increase by 13.8% in 2015. There will be a cyclical recession in 2016, with a moderate decline of 2.8%, and then it will resume growth in 2017

it was learned that the American Semiconductor Industry Association (SIA), which represents the leading position of the United States in semiconductor manufacturing and design, announced that in July 2013, the global semiconductor sales reached US $25.53 billion, the highest monthly value since 2013, an increase of 5.1% over the same period in 2012 and 2.6% over the US $24.88 billion in the previous month. Semiconductor sales in the Americas increased by 21.5% in July compared with the same period in 2012, which was the largest monthly year-on-year increase in the region in recent two years

Brian Toohey, President and CEO of the American Semiconductor Industry Association, said: global semiconductor sales rose in July, while the Americas also showed a strong rise over the same period last year. Sales in all regions and each product category increased month on month. Macroeconomic indicators indicate that semiconductor sales will continue to grow in the second half of 2013

Brian Toohey said that the semiconductor industry has established a good momentum, and we hope that Congress and the government will enact measures to help us maintain this momentum, stimulate economic growth and improve the competitiveness of the United States. With the increasing demand for top talents in the world, it is time for policymakers to take more meaningful legislative actions on immigration reform

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