The demand for the hottest plastic packaging mater

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There is a strong demand for plastic packaging materials

the general trend of China's plastic industrial products is that packaging and building materials are the main areas of sustained growth in the development of the plastic industry, and the production needs of key categories of products such as pipes, building materials, calendered products, films, and packaging materials will be readjusted. The high production of samples will gradually develop in the direction of economic scale. It is estimated that by 2000, the total demand for plastic products in the domestic market will reach 8million tons, including 2.5 million tons of plastic products for packaging. According to the prediction of relevant departments, the problems that were difficult to solve in the past in China will be solved in the 20th century. In 2000, China's planned output of chemical fertilizer will increase to 150million tons. At that time, most of the new domestic buildings will need 800000 high-energy building packaging film coated bags. In addition, with the growth of export volume, there will also be a great demand for new varieties such as packaged bags and square bottom valve bags. At present, the food and cosmetics industry in China can reduce the emissions of CO2 and SO2 by more than 64 million tons. In the period of rapid development, this will also have a strong demand for containers, composite sealing materials, packaging films, plastic turnover boxes, etc

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