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Yuchai group overcame difficulties to start the "Second Entrepreneurship" strategy

Yuchai group overcame difficulties to start the "Second Entrepreneurship" strategy

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recently, the "Second Entrepreneurship" and 2014-2018 strategic planning outline of Yuchai group was officially released. The new mission is once again in front of Yuchai people -

timely adjustment of enterprise development strategy

in October 2013, in the new planning area of Baotou equipment manufacturing industrial park in Inner Mongolia, on the banks of the Yellow River, with the rumble of machines, the project of beiben Yuchai Engine Co., Ltd. officially broke ground. This project, which has been demonstrated for a long time and has high hopes, has finally landed, and has attracted widespread attention in the automotive industry

the marriage of Yuchai and beiben first surfaced in 2012. In April this year, Yanping, chairman of the board of directors of Yuchai group, met with zhangguoqing, general manager of China North Industries Group. The two talked about the development of China's automobile industry and engine industry. As domestic car companies continue to cooperate with foreign engine companies to set up factories in China, the competition in the domestic commercial vehicle industry, especially the heavy truck industry, is becoming increasingly fierce. From the competition of core parts to the competition of complete vehicles, competition has penetrated into every link of manufacturing and sales, and the whole market is filled with gunsmoke. As domestic vehicle and engine manufacturers, Yuchai and beiben work together to become a win-win choice

after years of development, Yuchai has gradually found an industrial layout mode with capital as the link and complementary products from "setting up factories close to vehicle factories" to "setting up factories supporting vehicle factories". This investment mode is what Yuchai's managers call "lean investment", and also represents the transformation direction of Yuchai's external expansion

this transformation has continuously affected the overall industrial layout of Yuchai, and a variety of new materials have been sought after by the market. In 2014, Yan Ping said that the strategic planning of Yuchai group should be adjusted realistically, from the six PDS System industrial plate pattern of "two product chains and multiple industrial clusters" to the new pattern of "two industrial chains and two service platforms", reposition the development mode of the group, concentrate forces and resources, stretch vertically and horizontally to the engine industrial chain and petrochemical industrial chain, and vigorously develop the logistics service platform and financial service platform of the group, Create a value highland for the group

among the two industrial chains mentioned by Yan Ping, Qinzhou Yuchai Petrochemical Company is a pawn of Yuchai in the energy and chemical industry, while Yuchai Petronas advanced lubricants company is another point of Yuchai in the energy and chemical industry. In the upstream of engine manufacturing, Yuchai has constantly built industrial companies, which are like scattered pearls, forming a bright industrial chain

"wake up" the enterprise's rapid response

the enterprise's development strategy has been adjusted. How can the enterprise adjust itself? How the elephant turns around depends on the reaction speed of the enterprise itself

in the traditional organization management, the hierarchical management mode based on pyramid structure cannot meet the needs of the rapidly developing market. At the same time, with the extensive use of computer information technology, this product is the second product technology of the company since its launch in 2015. Communication is more convenient and timely, and it begins to enter the information age. Enterprises must establish a rapid response mechanism

on December 16, 2013, Yuchai ushered in a big day. The addition of glass fiber can reach more than 50%. Facing the new situation and meeting the new challenges, Yuchai quickly adjusted the organization of the company's departments

this is a massive institutional adjustment. Yuchai has comprehensively standardized the names of organization and cadre positions, and solved the problems that the names of the previous tier one and tier two organizations are not unified and easy to be confused, but it is more about reorganizing all departments from the strategic objectives of the enterprise, unifying effective resources on one platform, and accumulating all forces to provide guarantee for Yuchai's "Second Entrepreneurship". Among the departments restructured and established, the change of marine power division is the largest. Yuchai transferred the ship power research and Development Institute of the Engineering Research Institute to the ship power business department, incorporated the ship power application development and supporting confirmation institutions, and merged them into a two-tier organization "ship power research and Development Institute", transferred the ship power business department of the overseas business department to the ship power business Department, increased the number of overseas regions from 5 to 8, and merged the six power plants into the management of the ship power business department. In this way, the marine power division has a complete set of capabilities from production, R & D support to product sales and follow-up services, and has initially formed the framework of a whole company

Tang Zuoxing, general manager of ship power division, said: "This organizational adjustment is an innovation in the company's operation and management. The company plans and adjusts the ship power sector in this way, mainly because it is optimistic about the development prospect of the ship power market and lays the foundation for the ship power to achieve the annual sales target of 100000 units in three years. After the organizational adjustment of the ship power business department, the R & D, technology, production and sales will be more professional, which will make it easier to unify the ideological understanding of employees and make overall arrangements for resources."

According to Shen Guang, manager of the enterprise management department, the main purpose of the company's organizational restructuring is to make the company's market response faster, the organization more flat, the layout of resources and functions more reasonable, and the internal coordination more efficient. This organizational restructuring is of great significance to improve the company's manufacturing capacity, management and control capacity and comprehensive competitiveness

high end talent echelons help "Second Entrepreneurship"

for more than 30 years, China has experienced waves of "studying abroad fever" and then waves of "returning home tide". Now, the introduction of overseas talents in China is not limited to returnees, and many foreign experts are constantly pouring into China

the new director of Yuchai manufacturing, Ichigo Yamada, is one of them. The gray bearded Japanese expert used to work for Honda in Japan, while his colleagues, the former Toyota companies of Japan, Kawakami and Yamada Qinghe, came earlier than him. In 2013, they began to serve Yuchai and help Yuchai promote lean manufacturing

the introduction of Japanese experts has significantly improved the production line. Now the heavy machinery assembly section of Yuchai No.5 engine plant is in good order, and the layout of the production line is more reasonable. Not long ago, the factory has even been able to vacate a space from the originally crowded workshop and set up an engine assembly training base for the training of new employees

the introduction of overseas talents is only part of Yuchai's talent strategy. Yan Ping said at the "Second Entrepreneurship" seminar that Yuchai should vigorously do a good job in the talent reserve of "Second Entrepreneurship". The human resources reserve of Yuchai stock company is divided into two parts. One is external talents. This year, at least three high-end directors (Quality Director, finance director and human resources director) will be recruited. These talents are at least among the world's top 500 and top several in the manufacturing industry. The second is to make an exception to promote a group of post-80s reserve talents who have worked in Yuchai for 5 to 10 years. At the same time, it is necessary to innovate the training and assessment of talents. The reserve of human resources of Yuchai group focuses on breaking through the introduction and training of talents in law, finance, human resources and management. In combination with the clear objectives put forward by the "Second Entrepreneurship", it is necessary to boldly promote young cadres, and it is not possible to select and employ people according to seniority

Wang Chunfeng is such a young man who was exceptionally promoted. After years of precipitation in the manufacturing technology department, after competition, Yuchai promoted her to be the assistant of Ichigo Yamada

therefore, people often see a mix of old and young in factories. Such a talent echelon is Yuchai's most valuable wealth and hope

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