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Yuchai group: create a new driving force for green development by striving for excellence

Yuchai group: create a new driving force for green development by striving for excellence

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Guide: from local to national, from 20billion to 30billion, and then to 40billion, Yuchai has embarked on a high-speed development road in the three years of striving for excellence: in 2010, the annual output value of the enterprise exceeded 30billion; In 2011, it became a demonstration site for Guangxi state-owned enterprises to strive for excellence and a pioneer for Guangxi state-owned enterprises

from local to national, from 20billion to 30billion, and then to 40billion, Yuchai has embarked on a high-speed development path in the three years of striving for excellence:

in 2010, the annual output value of the enterprise reached 30billion

in 2011, it became Guangxi's "demonstration site of state-owned enterprises' excellence activities" and Guangxi's "advanced collective of state-owned enterprises' excellence activities". Its output value increased by another 10billion year-on-year, stepping into the ranks of 40billion enterprises

in 2012, it was rated as the national advanced grassroots party organization for excellence

this development is not only an increase in scale, but also a strategic choice for Yuchai to correctly view the development structure and other issues with the scientific concept of development. It is a useful exploration for Yuchai to strive for excellence with the scientific concept of development, and promote the party building, management improvement and system reform of state-owned enterprises. It is also a vivid practice for Yuchai to strive to create a new situation of enterprise development and employee development with the scientific concept of development

this 61 year old state-owned enterprise has created a "new driving force" for green development by "striving for excellence"

the "troika" for excellence lays a green foundation

there are three troikas for national economic development, and there are also three troikas for Yuchai development, "party building", "management improvement" and "enterprise system reform". In the past three years, in order to achieve "pioneering", Yuchai has creatively carried out party building work, and has successively carried out a number of management improvement work, such as the introduction of lean manufacturing, the ability improvement plan of the management cadre team, which has greatly improved the manufacturing level and the work style of the management team

since the beginning of 2012, senior executives and middle-level principals of all departments of Yuchai have come to the company early in the morning every day. Because they have to attend the breakfast meeting and clock in before going to work. Having breakfast together, which seems very common, is not so easy in fact. At the breakfast meeting, Yan Ping, Secretary of the Party committee and chairman of the board of directors of the group company, often asked about the progress of key affairs. Yan Ping asked about everything from foreign investment to employee welfare distribution

managers have a feeling that they must run fast

in Yan Ping's view, the average annual growth rate of 30% in the past three years is not fast enough

in the past three years, Yuchai has made a detailed count of some of its work priorities and strategic goals. Yuchai's requirements for speed and good are obvious: "Yuchai speed", 100% improvement in quality in three years, and 100 billion goals in 2015... In order to promote the realization of these goals, Yan Ping has carried out drastic reforms from Party organization construction to management mode

party building in enterprises should be closely combined with production and operation, which is the consensus of all Yuchai staff in promoting party building. To this end, Yuchai has created the guiding concept of Party building of "integration, coordination, guarantee and service", established the working mode of Party building of "combination, cooperation and combination", planned the tasks of Party building in combination with the production and operation objectives, and provided Party building services in accordance with the needs of production and operation. The party's work has always been carried out around the production, operation and development objectives of the enterprise

with the rapid development of Yuchai, there are more and more subsidiaries of Yuchai, and the construction of grass-roots party organizations has also become a difficult problem in front of the Party committee of Yuchai. In particular, in order to avoid the work of grass-roots party organizations becoming a mere formality and improve the management of grass-roots party organizations, Yuchai improved a series of systems, methods and business processes of Party Construction Management in combination with Yuchai's production management mode in enterprises from 2010 to 2011, forming "party construction goal management", "party construction performance evaluation", "Party cadres" Gaozhiyu, head of global marketing department of polyester resin Business Department of Changxing Materials Industry Co., Ltd., a four in one party building system specification, has standardized the construction of grass-roots party organizations, strengthened the management of grass-roots party organizations, and made the party organizations truly rooted in the masses

in July, 2011, at Guangdong Maoming Changsheng company, a subsidiary of Yuchai, the grass-roots party organizations of each subsidiary of Yuchai discussed in depth to improve the work level of grass-roots party organizations, and soon they put the results of the discussion into practice

to improve the working level, it is a magic weapon to keep in touch. In 2011, the joint-stock company had many special tasks, especially the sales task, which made the offices face many difficult problems to ensure the normal use of the experimental machine. The Party committee of the company creatively carried out contact with the leaders, and the person in charge of the party organization of the company, the company's senior executives, and the office to track the implementation problems. At that time, Guo Deming, the Deputy Secretary of the Party committee of the joint-stock company, hung up the Qinghai office. He knew clearly what opportunities there were and what difficult problems there were in Qinghai area. With the efforts of him and the Qinghai office, the number of Yuchai engines in Qinghai office doubled in 2011

in June 2012, Su Peng, vice president of the group company responsible for contacting CSR Yuchai party organization, came to CSR Yuchai. What problems does the newly established subsidiary face? How effective is the work? Zhang Zhengqing, chairman of CSR Yuchai, can make it clear. Su Peng also brought his three subsidiaries to CSR Yuchai to promote each other

work style is the key to improve work level. In 2010, the style of logistics organs was rectified. In 2012, the style of cadres was rectified. A series of seemingly short-term behaviors deeply affected every Yuchai person. Of course, more in-depth is the institutionalized management measures that continue to be promoted in the follow-up. This series of measures closely combined with the actual production is a comprehensive test of the working style of Yuchai party organization and management team

in these three years, in order to improve the manufacturing level, the most important management improvement measure of Yuchai party organization and management team is the comprehensive introduction of lean manufacturing

Yuchai is a large enterprise with more than 20000 people. "As soon as the machine starts, there will be a lot of consumption, the equipment needs maintenance, and energy such as water, electricity, steam and so on will be successively transmitted to various production posts. If there is no output, or the output is not high, and the quality is not high, it will involve the waste problem, in the final analysis, it is an efficiency problem." previously, Although Yuchai is also successively introducing management modes such as "excellent team management", "on-site 5S", "Lean Six Sigma", "ie Engineering" and "man-machine engineering", it still lacks a system that can comprehensively coordinate production and quality management

to strive for excellence is to shoulder the historical mission and solve development problems

in June 2011, Wu Qiwei, the general manager of the joint-stock company, who took office shortly, led more than 30 people to visit Bosch and other enterprises according to Yan Ping's requirements. After returning, the middle-level cadres who visited and investigated said that this investigation "has important practical significance"

in the following months, Yuchai invited professional consulting companies to conduct comprehensive training for Yuchai's management cadres. In October, the lean manufacturing project was officially launched. Yuchai has taken new steps on the road of "building the most competitive professional supplier in the world". This is a far-reaching step. Wu Qiwei said that this move is to "build an operation management system (ycos) with Yuchai characteristics with high starting point and high standard, which is market-oriented, quality centered, lean manufacturing based, products and markets are highly closely integrated, and rapid response to market segments, focusing on process efficiency and coordination, and build an innovative organization that can adapt to a large range of products, a wide range of applications, and a scale of one million units"

"the determination of the management team to promote lean manufacturing is huge", and we "have pushed ourselves to the edge of the cliff, leaving no retreat for ourselves"

a massive and all staff promoted lean manufacturing has begun

in these three years, there is still one thing that may not be ignored. In September, 2011, Yuchai invited famous economists and industry experts such as Gao Shangquan, Zhang Xiaoyu and Wang Qiang, as well as leaders of the national development and Reform Commission to timely clear the surrounding impurities in Beijing and held a high-level seminar on the reform of state-owned enterprises and Yuchai's innovative practice. On the surface, this meeting is a summary of Yuchai's past reform and practice activities, but from the statements of the participants, it can still be inferred that Yuchai's party organization and management team have been thinking about, and may even have been trying to promote, this major reform decision related to the future development of the enterprise

at the meeting, Gao Shangquan, a famous economist, said: "Yuchai has a heavy task to build a domestically leading and internationally renowned 100 billion goal during the 12th Five Year Plan. The key lies in reform. Both governments and enterprises should use the greatest courage and determination to comprehensively promote reform."

In response to this reform, on behalf of Yulin City, according to foreign media reports, the government stated that it would continue to support the development of Yuchai enterprises and the restructuring of Yuchai group

so far, this enterprise system reform, which has been supported by the government and highly concerned by all walks of life, has been brewing for a long time. In the near future, when the opportunity is ripe, Yuchai will take this reform impetus to realize the commercialization reform of corporate governance, and finally realize the great dream of "international Yuchai"

it is through the grass-roots power of Party building, the combat effectiveness of management improvement, and the potential power of reform that the "three carriages" have laid the foundation for the scientific and sustainable development of Yuchai in recent years and even in the future

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