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Yuchai group: build affordable housing to benefit ordinary employees

Yuchai group: build affordable housing to benefit ordinary employees

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Guide: these days, Yuchai employees have ushered in a great event. According to the arrangement of Yuchai labor union, from April 18 to 25, it is the time for Yuchai employees to purchase a more intuitive interface of guaranteed price limiters, which has produced a complete solution room. Previously, Yuchai has carried out many lottery activities to ensure that the whole process is fair, just and open. The average price is 2499 yuan per

in recent days, Yuchai employees have welcomed a great event

according to the arrangement of Yuchai labor union, it is the time for Yuchai employees to buy affordable commercial housing from April 18 to 25. Previously, Yuchai has carried out many lottery activities to ensure that the whole process is fair, just and open

"the average price is 2499 yuan per square meter, which is really more favorable compared with the market price." A few days ago, Yuchai announced the price of affordable commercial housing. Many buyers said that although the price was much higher than the 2300 yuan per square meter initially announced, it was still relatively "people-friendly" and more in line with psychological expectations. It is understood that at present, the average price of group purchase houses in the civil servant community of Yuzhou District is about 2800 yuan/m2. Because most of the mechanical parts of Yuchai security housing project work under cyclic loads, fatigue damage has become the main damage situation of mechanical parts. The average market price of Shengshi Jiangnan Building near the project has reached about 4300 yuan/m2. This comparison makes many employees feel that the housing dream is really closer

seeing that the day of paying for house selection is approaching, many employees have been struggling with the problem of floor price difference. As the price difference between floors has not been finalized, some employees do not know how to choose a house. "The undetermined price difference between floors equals the undetermined house price. Some employees are afraid to start because they are worried that the selected house will exceed the budget." Tan Lin, chairman of the trade union of the third development plant, said that the employees hoped that the company could determine the specific floor price difference as soon as possible. In addition, the room selection time is only 10 minutes, and many employees think that the time is too little. "The employees selected first are easy to determine, and the employees selected later are difficult to determine in 10 minutes", said Tan Lin. In addition, some employees hope to define the breach of contract for "personal reasons" more clearly and carefully in the "service agreement" to avoid disputes in the future

Yuchai affordable limited price commercial housing project is a livelihood project that Yuchai wholeheartedly cares for employees, maximizes benefits for employees, effectively solves employees' housing problems, and improves employees' living environment. It is of great significance to stabilize the workforce, introduce talents, and promote the transformation, upgrading, and leapfrog development of the group. To this end, the group regards the construction of affordable housing projects as a major, important and urgent matter

the chairman of the trade union has developed a number of major experimental instruments and equipment with international leading level. Li Chengjie said: "the affordable housing project is related to the vital interests of employees and is a good thing for the group to seek the welfare of employees. Since the establishment of the project, the group has attached great importance to the promotion of the project and taken 'running the actual things well, making the good things real, and seeking the maximum welfare for employees' as the guiding ideology of the project work."

in the process of project construction, the main leaders of Yuchai attach great importance to the promotion. Yanping, chairman of the board of directors of Yuchai group, often listens to the report of the project work and asks about the progress of relevant work. In order to help employees win the lowest and most favorable price, he personally led the team to negotiate the house price with the developer, and finally achieved an average price of 2499 yuan per square meter

there is nothing trivial about the interests of employees. Yuchai strives to be fair, just, open and sunny in every link from the formulation of house purchase conditions, registration and purchase, qualification examination to the determination of house prices, house selection by lot, payment of house purchase intention, etc. "The company strives to ensure fairness, justice, sunshine and transparency in every aspect of house purchase, so as to ensure the fair rights and interests of employees and reflect the principle of equal opportunities", said Li Chengjie. In order to ensure the construction quality and the safety of the project funds, so that the staff can soon find the workers at ease, the company also sent construction quality supervisors and financial supervisors to supervise the whole process of the project construction

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