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Yuchai group held the first meeting of the 18th workers' Congress

Yuchai group held the first meeting of the 18th workers' Congress

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on March 24, the first meeting of the 18th workers' Congress of Yuchai group was grandly held in Yuchai cultural center. The conference conveyed the spirit of this year's national two sessions to all staff representatives, commented on the work of the group in 2016, defined the focus of the group's work in 2017, and pointed out the direction for the group's reform and innovation, the implementation of the 13th five year plan, and the further promotion of "Second Entrepreneurship"

Yuchai group held the first meeting of the 18th workers' Congress

Liang Zhixun, director of Yulin SASAC, and Gu Xiaoning, vice chairman of Yulin Federation of trade unions 6 This equipment adopts high-sensitivity sensors to congratulate and guide the meeting. Yanping, chairman of the board of directors of Yuchai group, Gu tangsheng, President of Yuchai Co., Ltd., Wu Qiwei, President of Yuchai Co., Ltd., Li Hanyang, Secretary of the Party committee of Yuchai group, and other members of the presidium, as well as more than 700 representatives from all departments and subsidiaries of the group attended the grand meeting

at the meeting, the staff representatives listened carefully to the 2016 work report of the president of the two companies, ban ouyangming, the financial budget and final accounts report of the two companies, the inspection report on the performance of collective contracts, the implementation of staff proposals at the fifth session of the 17th workers' Congress, the report on the collection of staff proposals at the first session of the 18th workers' Congress, and the report on the democratic evaluation of leading cadres. After deliberation, the General Assembly voted and approved the 2016 work report of the president team of the two companies and the financial budget and final accounts report

Yan Ping's speech

Yan Ping made an important speech at the meeting on "reform leads innovation drives, and strive for continuous and in-depth promotion of" secondary entrepreneurship ". The speech summarized the implementation of relevant work of the group in 2016. In this year, Yuchai Group continued to promote the transformation, system reengineering and upgrading, and industrial structure optimization. Although the product sales volume fell, the business quality and profitability of the enterprise did not fall, but increased. The innovation and development dividend was initially shown. The annual industrial added value increased by 3.84% year-on-year, and the profit and tax increased by more than 10% year-on-year

Yan Ping put forward guiding principles and development direction for the group to comprehensively promote reform and innovation and ensure the effective implementation of the 13th five year plan in 2017. He pointed out that Yuchai will take the "secondary entrepreneurship" of Guangxi machinery industry as the support and development platform to further promote the "strong Chai Xingyu" strategy, focus on expanding the three major industrial sectors of engine, petrochemical industry and new energy with "transformation and upgrading" as the core, build three service platforms of logistics, finance and Yuchai industrial new town, and continue to optimize and adjust the industrial structure; Strengthen top-level design and technology research and development, strive to seize the commanding height of the development of national VI and T4 engines, promote the comprehensive high-end development of products, and continue to consolidate and enhance the core competitiveness and comprehensive strength of Yuchai

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for the construction of Yuchai cadre team, Yan Ping required that cadres should constantly enhance their abilities of self purification, self-improvement, self innovation and self-improvement, establish a global vision and strategic vision, and improve their command ability and control level; We should boldly cultivate a number of young cadres and speed up their growth and maturity

Yan Ping stressed that employees are the foundation of the development of the enterprise. We should really care about and care for all Yuchai builders, so that the achievements and benefits of enterprise reform and development can benefit all employees, so that all Yuchai people have a sense of gain, home, achievement and happiness, and build a community of common destiny in which the company and employees trust each other

Yan Ping hopes that all Yuchai people can take the revitalization of Yuchai as their own responsibility, forge ahead with determination, work in the same direction, win the overall victory of reform and innovation, and create new brilliance in the journey of "Second Entrepreneurship"

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