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Explore a high-quality development mode of gathering industries. The quality development of "hometown of China's pumps and valves" is based on

"the pump and valve industry is a mutually supporting industry, which means that no matter how well a single company develops, it is difficult to form a climate, and the supporting industrial chain needs to develop together." On the North Bank of Oujiang River, Zhejiang Yongjia pump and valve industry cluster, with an area of 14.75 square kilometers and 1136 pump and valve enterprises, faces Wenzhou City across the river. Since its birth in 1968, through the overall rectification, standard guidance and quality improvement of the industry, Yongjia pump and valve has formed a production pattern with general pump and valve as the main breakthrough direction, special pump and valve and special new pump and valve as the main breakthrough direction. It has not only become one of the local pillar industries, but also developed and formed a pump and valve product manufacturing base with closed cavity structure and leading scale, output, variety and specification in the country

Baoyi Group Co., Ltd., where Zhang Xiaozhong is the deputy general manager, is a member of the growing pump and valve enterprise cluster. Zhang Xiaozhong, from Yongjia, was a college student studying in Hangzhou when the Wenzhou leather shoes were burned at the Wulin gate in Hangzhou. The sight of inferior leather burning in the flame became the quality pain shared by him and other Wenzhou people at that time. Unlike many Wenzhou people who grew up with Wenzhou quality in that era, Zhang Xiaozhong is not only a witness to the rise of quality, but also a participant. After completing his studies, he returned to his hometown Yongjia, Wenzhou, and became a member of his family business Baoyi group. Now, in this still growing "hometown of Chinese pumps and valves", he continues his quality philosophy as a company manager

"the guidance and support of the government have played a very direct role in guiding the quality of the pump and valve industry." Zhang Xiaozhong said, "in recent years, the most frequent interaction between local government and enterprises is quality work. When the number of quality and standard managers is the most, they have to go to enterprises more than ten times a month."

in order to meet the needs of high-end customers at home and abroad, Yongjia compared with foreign advanced standards and began to formulate and revise the standards of the pump and valve industry alliance, so that pump and valve products are favored by more and more international high-end users. "At the beginning of the launch of the alliance standard, 36 pump and valve enterprises jointly implemented it, which quickly established the reputation of the industry as a whole among customers." Zhang Xiaozhong recalled

it is understood that 65 local standards have been newly formulated and revised, including 19 national standards and 37 industrial standards. At present, the joint innovation base of regional technical standards for valves in Zhejiang Province has been approved for construction, and the check valve and stop valve working group of the national valve standardization and Technology Committee and the Zhejiang valve standardization and Technology Committee have also settled in Yongjia. The voice of standardization has accelerated the process of pump and valve products from "universal type" to "automatic shutdown or shutdown end type as required after the completion of medium and high-end experiments". At present, 20% of pump and valve products are used in high-end industrial fields such as PetroChina, Sinopec and China natural gas

"in recent years, Yongjia's construction work on the public technical service platform is also commendable." Zhang Xiaozhong said that since Yongjia Oubei had public testing service platforms such as the national valve quality inspection center and the provincial pump valve quality inspection center, many local enterprises no longer need to rush to Hefei, Anhui Province for testing, which greatly shortened the cycle of testing and other links and improved the development efficiency of the industry

it is understood that in addition to testing services, Yongjia also actively builds a scientific research and innovation platform, gives full play to the technical management advantages of institutions such as Wenzhou Academy of system process equipment science, realizes complementary advantages and resource sharing in scientific research patents, and effectively promotes the scientific and technological innovation and development of pumps and valves. This also drives the enthusiasm of enterprises to carry out research. At present, the pump and valve enterprises have built a total of 2 provincial key enterprises, 2 provincial enterprise research institutes, 22 provincial R & D (Technology) centers, ultra-thin and ultra light aircraft, ultra-thin foldable mobile phones, and high-strength aviation materials. They have established scientific and technological cooperation with 48 scientific research institutions, and 156 have been listed in the provincial technical transformation projects. They have 177 effective invention patents, 1541 utility model patents, and more than 50 patents in the field of ultra-high temperature material valves Four core technologies, including ultra supercritical valve, high temperature wear-resistant ball valve and all welded pipeline ball valve, rank in the forefront of China. In 2017, a total of 40 invention patents and 317 utility model patents were added, accounting for more than 30% of the total number of two patents in Yongjia County

now, the pump and valve enterprises in the demonstration area can produce more than 3000 varieties and 40000 specifications of valve products and more than 800 varieties and 10000 specifications of pump products. A considerable part of the products are used in national key projects, such as Daqing oil field, Xiaolangdi of the Yellow River, FAW of China, Qinshan nuclear power station, etc. While meeting the domestic market demand, it is also exported to more than 150 countries and regions such as Russia, the European Union, the United States, the Middle East, Southeast Asia, etc. With the help of high-quality development mode, "the hometown of Chinese pumps and valves" has gradually become famous overseas

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