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Convert the SPL line of AutoCAD into PL line

you may know that you can convert PL line into SPL line with pedit, and the following program is to teach you how to convert SPL line into PL line

main functions:

convert the SPL line of AutoCAD into PL line, which is a good program for garden design friends and is much more convenient

especially the operation of garden roads and greening parts

specific operation:

1 Decompress

2 Load x files in AutoCAD, such as coffee bean fiber, pearl protein fiber, wood fiber and other emerging materials. Operations:

① enter: appload

in the command; ② select: Visual LISP executable files (*.vl autoclaved lime sand brick gb11945 ⑴ 999x)

in "file type (T)";

③ find the X file just decompressed, and click "load"

④ close this "load/unload application"

3 factory purchasing sentiment is not high After loading successfully, you can convert your SPL line to pl line with the command "sptp" on the command line

for example:

command: sptp

please select the spline line to be converted:

select object: find 1

select object:

please enter the number of arcs to be converted (non-zero): 20

complete the conversion

convert the SPL line of AutoCAD to pl line rar

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