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A survey by the American Federation of industrial design shows that for every $1 invested in industrial design, the sales revenue will increase by $1500. The statistics of Hitachi design in Japan also show that for every 10million yen increase in sales revenue, the contribution from industrial design accounts for 52%, and the contribution from technological improvement accounts for only 21%. It can be seen that the value of design is self-evident. At the end of 2011, at the fourth China (Shenzhen) International Industrial Design Festival, colleagues from the industrial design industry all over the world gathered together to plan for the development of China's industrial design

problems in China's industrial design

Shenzhen is the first city in China to be awarded the title of "city of design" by UNESCO, accounting for more than 60% of China's industrial design, and shouldering the historical mission of China's transformation from "industrial manufacturing" to "industrial intelligent manufacturing". We can have a general understanding of the development of China's industrial design industry by tasting the "city of design"

lack of industry norms, industry order chaos

it is understood that there are hundreds of Shenzhen industrial design companies at present, but the scale and strength are mixed, and the vast majority of companies only provide a single design service. Chen Shanjun, marketing director of Shenzhen Industrial Design Industry Association, said, "due to the lack of industry standards, enterprises depress design commission fees, design companies are forced to reduce input costs under survival pressure, the level of design services is not high, and the value obtained by enterprises cannot be improved, resulting in a vicious cycle and industry order chaos."

the lack of designer training and qualification certification is another reason for the chaos of the industry. At present, the demand for industrial design practitioners in Guangdong province exceeds 110000, and it is expected that it will exceed 200000 in the next five years. Chen Shanjun said, "compared with other industries, China's industrial design not only lacks systematic and professional industrial design training institutions, but also lacks a mature designer rating and qualification certification system, which is not conducive to the healthy development of the industry."

the weak protection of intellectual property rights has also exacerbated the chaos of the industry. In addition, design companies lack the ability to transform achievements, which has affected the innovation and development. "An innovative design will soon find a large number of similar products in the market, which has seriously affected the enthusiasm of enterprises for innovative design. Designers lack the awareness of transformation of design results, and the industry also lacks the mechanism and channel of transformation of results, resulting in the lack of brand design of products. Therefore, it is urgent to form a strong promotion mechanism to help the transformation of design results." Chen Shanjun added

is disconnected from industry, University and research, and the public basic research system is missing.

industrial design is a subject with strong practicality. However, at present, there is a certain degree of disconnection between the research of designers and the actual needs of enterprises, and between design and manufacturing links. Scientific research achievements can not effectively guide design practice

on the one hand, most product designers in China have been designing products according to the ideas and requirements of customers, but they cannot realize their own ideas. There is an irreconcilable contradiction between the working nature of designers who strive for excellence and the business operation mode of entrepreneurs who pursue interests. The lack of research and judgment of forward-looking activities such as user experience survey and market demand analysis leads to the lack of design power

on the other hand, the design requires the application and expansion of new processing technology, materials and electronic technology, and it is impossible to design good products by blindly copying or following the beaten track. "In foreign countries, basic research on common design such as industry development trend research, process trend research, new processes and new materials is organized by special public institutions, but there is no such institution in China at present, and some design companies have to establish their own basic research institutions, causing a great burden." Chen Shanjun said

industry information and resources are scattered

industrial design information and resources are densely distributed. However, at present, the input and output parties of China's industrial design information, such as government agencies, enterprise customers, design companies, suppliers, design colleges and universities, are scattered, the communication mode is single, and there is a lack of neutral institutions to integrate and summarize and provide services to all parties in need. Chen Shanjun said, "industry associations play a certain role in information concentration, but resources have not been fully integrated. Enterprises cannot efficiently find suitable design partners according to their own needs, and design companies cannot obtain customer resources and guidance information in time."

the way out for Chinese industrial design

Design Based on people-oriented needs

Feng Changhong, Secretary General of Shenzhen Industrial Design Industry Association, pointed out: "At present, China's industrial manufacturing and industrial design are seemingly inseparable. Industrial design cannot become a powerful driver of manufacturing, and there is a fault between design and manufacturing. In foreign countries, designers will spend a long time exploring user experience, paying attention to individual needs, and occupying a seat in the market. This is what China's industrial design lacks most."

For example, Chen Shanjun said, "taking IKEA, which is highly praised, as an example, the design method of functionalism and the quiet and natural northern European life are the source of IKEA design. Design for life and create style in design. IKEA pays attention to popular usage habits, adheres to simple style, and maximizes people's living needs."

formulate support policies from the government level

in history, there are many examples of "designing to save the country". During World War II, Sweden's economy was seriously damaged. In order to recover the post-war economy, Sweden took design as an important means to save the country, and established a design industry organization and a series of adjustment policies. At this design festival, the Sino Swiss design cooperation promotion organization was officially established, and these successful experiences will continue to be promoted to China

coincidentally, during the financial crisis, South Korea also put forward the idea of "saving the country by design". In order to enter the list of world design powers within five years, South Korea issued the policy of "paying for the design" by the government to encourage enterprises to revitalize the industry with design. Now, South Korea has become one of the world's design powers. At present, Shenzhen has also issued the outline of the five-year development plan of Shenzhen industrial design, which specifies various preferential policies for industrial design enterprises in tax, finance, talent and other aspects

find inspiration from historical accumulation

China is one of the four ancient civilizations, with rich historical and cultural heritage. From the earlier "KAOGONGJI" and "Tiangong Kaiwu", we can understand many excellent industrial design works. Ville kokkonen, a designer from Artek furniture company in Finland, said, "China is a country with a very long history. Compared with Finland, this is an invaluable treasure owned by Chinese designers. Chinese designers can find inspiration from the past history and design better products according to individual needs."

contemporary art furniture has a strong sense of contemporary art and creativity. Enterprises can get inspiration from contemporary culture and art and strengthen brand design

learn from foreign excellent design concepts

the sea embraces all rivers and draws on the strengths of others. Only on the basis of widely absorbing advanced design concepts and resources can industrial design increase independent innovation. At this International Industrial Design Festival, designers from famous design cities such as Finland and Italy shared their unique perception of design

keep alert mentally

the design style of northern Europe is concise, clear, harmonious and elegant, emphasizes the integrity of design and humanization of products, pays attention to public feelings, and advocates that designers should have a simple starting point and enthusiasm in the process of work

Ville kokkonen, a designer from Artek furniture company in Finland, said, "in Artek, our design purpose is to perfectly combine art and technology. For us, every project is brand new, so we must always maintain vigilance and criticism." As a famous Finnish design saying goes, "pour some ice into your brain". It means that the thought is hot, but the design should remain calm

pay attention to communication in management

when a project is being developed, the designer team may need to run in and unify for a long time due to cultural differences and other reasons, so team management has become a big problem. Aido cingolanl, a professor of design management and strategic management from the University of Milan in Italy, said: "I will combine the designers of the team with different cultural backgrounds according to the type of products and the nature of the company I serve. They are a combination of three types of people with open thinking and mentality, rich experience and project operation management." People with open thinking can accept new information expressed by AK in the shortest time and use different technologies; The senior designer can grasp whether the product design is producible; The project manager manages the whole team to realize the smooth operation of the project

pay attention to users in the experience

foreign designers pay great attention to user experience. Feng Changhong gave an example "Taking the design of a simple mineral water bottle as an example, it often leads to inaccurate measurement results. In addition to including the function of the container, designers also need to consider many issues, such as whether it conforms to the ergonomic design, whether it is comfortable to hold and has strong usability, and what kind of thread should be used in the position of the screw to make different consumer groups, such as the elderly and children, can easily unscrew it. These all need repeated exploration."

in addition, aesthetic differences also promote the concept of user experience design. As we all know, different people will have different aesthetic feelings. At Artek, the company has a very small design team, and designers do different kinds of research through their friends. Artek also has indirect product research, including in Asia and the United States. The results of the survey are often used as guidelines for product design or topics for internal discussion, so as to enhance communication with users. (end)

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