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Deepen enterprise local cooperation and promote the development of Xinjiang Petroleum Equipment Manufacturing Industry by using software program to control sampling interval, total sampling time, etc. Baosteel has taken a solid step in the practice of Baosteel's concept of "customer first, service first" in Xinjiang Oilfield. Recently, the "Baosteel Karamay oil pipeline project" jointly funded by Baosteel, Karamay City and Xinjiang Oilfield officially commenced construction. He Wenbo, general manager of Baosteel Group Co., Ltd., and Xu Weixi, Secretary of Karamay municipal Party committee, delivered speeches at the commencement ceremony and laid the foundation for the project. Zhao wusheng, deputy mayor of Karamay, Nie haiguang, deputy general manager of Xinjiang Oilfield, Zhao Xia, deputy general manager of Baosteel Group, chairman and party secretary of Bagang company, and Jiang Licheng, deputy general manager of Baosteel Co., Ltd. and general manager of steel tube and bar division attended the commencement ceremony

in order to conscientiously implement the spirit of the central Xinjiang work symposium and focus on the new industrial development idea of "building a world oil city" in the 12th Five Year Plan of Karamay City, Xinjiang, Baosteel, Karamay City and Xinjiang Oilfield give full play to the advantages of their respective building structure testing technical standards gb/t50344 ⑵ 004, jointly expand the Eurasian market and seek cooperative development. In March this year, Baosteel Karamay oil pipe project officially signed a cooperation agreement

Xinjiang Oilfield, which is subordinate to PetroChina and located in Karamay City, is the largest oil production enterprise in Western China, mainly engaged in the exploration and development, gathering and transportation, sales and other businesses of oil and gas resources. The special oil pipe project is located in Karamay Petrochemical Industrial Park. The first phase of the project covers an area of 168 mu, and the first step of the first phase is to produce 60000 tons of special oil pipes. The project is EPC contracted by Baosteel engineering and undertaken by the 17th Metallurgical Corporation. It is planned to be completed and put into operation in September next year

Baosteel Karamay oil special pipe project will deeply cooperate with the production technology of Xinjiang Oilfield and the product R & D technology of Baosteel to implement complementary advantages. On the basis of deepening and optimizing the steel pipe supply and processing fields, Baosteel will form a zero distance connection and one-stop service capability of Baosteel Technology and services to Xinjiang Oilfield, so as to achieve win-win cooperation

Xu Weixi pointed out in his speech that the special oil pipe project is one of the important projects for the construction of machinery manufacturing base in Karamay, which is of great significance to promote the construction of "six bases" in Karamay. Karamay City will create a good environment for the construction of the project, provide all-round high-quality services, and fully cooperate with and support the construction of the project. He hoped that Baosteel and Karamay would continue to deepen cooperation, expand cooperation fields, develop and produce more extended products, and drive the development of more industries

he Wenbo, on behalf of Baosteel, congratulated the successful commencement of the project. He pointed out that Karamay City and Xinjiang Oilfield Company have the advantageous resources of the bridgehead of the Eurasian continental bridge connecting Central Asian countries. Baosteel is willing to take this cooperation project as an opportunity to practice Baosteel's concept of "customer first and service first", focus on the strategic goal of "building a world oil city" proposed by Karamay City, and work with Karamay City and Xinjiang Oilfield Company, Build the Baosteel Karamay oil special pipe project into a model of cooperation between Baosteel and PetroChina, and become a bright business card of Karamay City. He demanded that all parties involved in the construction should adhere to the principles of high starting point, high standard and high quality, ensure the safety, quality and progress of the project, and calculate the friction force or friction torque according to the lever principle with practical actions (MRH (5) a Timken experimental machine adopts this method) to create a high-quality project

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