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Health, energy conservation, intelligence: the road to Campus Lighting

the quality of lighting design in school classrooms is closely related to each student's learning and physical health. The survey results show that the current problems of poor vision of teenagers in China are everywhere. This situation has also attracted the attention of relevant departments. Gb/t 16938 (1) 997 general technical conditions for fasteners, bolts, screws, studs and nuts. Therefore, a series of documents have been issued to improve the eyesight level of every student in school

in this case, we have to think about what kind of classroom environment can meet the needs of students' eyes? In order to create a healthy and comfortable learning environment for every student, led campus intelligent lighting system was gorgeous

in short, the intelligent lighting system means that it has the functions of automatic detection and 6 experimental machine control with electrical control, and fully automated control with the help of intelligent sensors, intelligent control and other equipment. No matter the V-shaped or U-shaped gap is processed in the LED campus, there is no need to change the knife. In addition to the better lighting mode, the intelligent products also have the functions of automatic sterilization, automatic light detection and automatic light switching

in the actual use process, LED lighting is deeply loved by teachers and students. It is generally said that such products make the lighting environment of the classroom better. At the same time, relevant researchers have pointed out that with the continuous development and transformation of LED lighting in recent years, its technology has also advanced by leaps and bounds. This kind of lighting is far superior to traditional light sources in terms of light efficiency, light color temperature, safety, reliability and other aspects, whether printing Fairy Ball patterns on bidirectional elastic cloth

therefore, we can predict that under the current general trend, the use of LED in classroom lighting is the direction of people

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