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A good recipe for the development of construction machinery industry: build walls high and accumulate grain widely

under the current severe situation of the construction machinery industry, how can relevant enterprises hold together for warmth and tide over difficulties? On September 6, the Management Committee of Xuzhou high tech Zone and the government of Tongshan District specially held a seminar on the development of construction machinery and special vehicles industry, and invited industry experts, scholars and entrepreneurs to jointly explore the road of future development. Yang Hongqi, honorary chairman of China Construction Machinery Association, and others were invited to attend. The experts proposed that we should make full use of the existing talents and technical resources, not only seize the current market opportunities, but also go ahead of the market, and reserve technology and products in 10 or 20 years, so as to make the enterprise invincible

plan a long-term strategy. They showed their advantageous products and new technologies respectively, and paid attention to the original innovation reserve.

Yang Hongqi believed that Xuzhou has talent and technical resources to develop this industry. It is necessary to make full use of the talent advantages of colleges and universities such as China University of mining and technology and the Command College of Engineering Corps, study the market of this industry after 10 or 20 years, and reserve technology and products for the long-term development of the industry

nowadays, the pattern of the global construction machinery industry is changing, and Xuzhou Construction machinery industry is also moving forward in adjustment. Market structure, technological structure and industrial structure are all facing strategic adjustment. New technologies, processes and materials continue to emerge, green manufacturing and intelligent manufacturing promote new industrial changes, and energy conservation and emission reduction put forward new requirements for development. Xuzhou Construction machinery and special vehicle manufacturing enterprises should seize the opportunity of a new round of structural adjustment to complete multi-channel closed-loop control, based on the long-term, strengthen strategic planning. In terms of technology, we should attack the high-end, consolidate the foundation, adjust the structure, promote intelligent manufacturing and green manufacturing, and drive and promote industrial upgrading

Xuzhou is the capital of construction machinery in China. We should give full play to the leading and driving role of the industry, make full use of the scientific and technological platform, and actively act. We should focus on high-tech products around the needs of national key projects, key fields and emerging industries; At the same time, we should also clearly grasp the development trend of industry technology, and strive to seize opportunities and seek development in the upgrading of industry technology

seize the opportunity, and the market space will be infinitely good

when talking about the existing market opportunities in the construction machinery industry, experts said that the market is in front of us! Recently, major floods have occurred in many parts of the country, with continuous landslides and mudslides, as well as many earthquake disasters in recent years. In the event of natural disasters, a variety of construction machinery disaster relief equipment is needed, and there is a very large market space, which depends on whether the construction machinery manufacturing enterprises can cope well

experts believe that more special construction machinery is needed for natural disaster prevention and disaster rescue. Before long, all regions will purchase and store a batch of construction machinery for disaster relief in batches like storing fire-fighting equipment. Which enterprises can do well? Whoever heads up will be the winner of the market and will make profits as soon as possible. It can not only recover as soon as possible, but also open up a new rescue construction machinery market

when hearing that Jiangsu Huaihai Vehicle Manufacturing Co., Ltd. has maintained an 80% growth rate for several consecutive years, Yang Hongqi said that the 80% growth was not achieved out of thin air. Can the market not buy 30 or 40 marketable products launched every year? Sell well and work hard, can you not make money

for many construction machinery enterprises now focus their equipment on railway, highway and other infrastructure construction, Yang Hongqi put forward his own point of view. After the road is repaired, the equipment will not be needed, so the construction equipment is short-lived. However, road maintenance is a long-term process. These products are long-term, and the market space is infinite. So you can't just stare at 8 When the pendulum is in the vertical position, reach the advantageous industrial level as soon as possible; For projects such as light alloy seed materials and super functional fibers that still have short boards, we should consider the long term and make product planning and market decisions in advance

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