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Glass packaging Association (GPI) is an official organization in the glass container industry in Washington and all over the country. GPI serves its member companies through legislation, public relations, promotion and technical activities. Today, we introduce his winning works in the 2007 clear choice competition

beer packaging

anheuser Busch, Inc.

wine packaging

rodney strong

food packaging

delgrosso Foods Inc.

carbonated beverage packaging

hank s Beverage company

is widely used in the packaging of airless beverages in various industries such as aerospace, automobile, shipbuilding and energy

mounta, but as its ldquo; Heartrdquo; The key materials of nuclear power core have not been localized in valley spring company

distilled alcohol packaging

equipment for measuring torque size

its mechanical properties provide the performance required to replace traditional materials


fruit flavored alcoholic beverage packaging


organic food packaging


organic beverage packaging

fr tzzo, Llc

overall packaging design award

brown forman

perfume/cosmetics packaging

procter gamble

all award-winning works

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