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Glass Morning Post: break down

views and operation suggestions

fg1401 fell sharply on Tuesday, hitting a new low. Technically, there was a break. In terms of capacity, positions were significantly enlarged. In recent years, on the spot market, the rising market of domestic float glass original sheet market is still continuing, and the shipment is good after the wind vane Shahe region slightly raised the price; The trading in East China market was brisk, with Anhui Fengyang, Tengzhou Jinjing and Dezhou Jinghua slightly increased by 1 yuan/weight box; Inventory reduction in Central China is obvious, so some manufacturers such as Wuhan Changli and Hubei Sanxia have raised their prices by yuan/weight box, and other manufacturers that have not increased may follow suit; The South China market is running slowly and steadily for the time being, and the market price is hovering at a high level

operation suggestions: 1350 support was broken, and 1327 early low support was paid attention to in the later stage. The content of this article is only for reference under the specified conditions. It does not constitute investment suggestions due to the recovery of the international market. Investors operate accordingly at their own risk

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