The hottest glass market is still in a stalemate,

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The glass market is still in a stalemate, and the contradiction between supply and demand is becoming more and more intense.

key points and suggestions

1. The optimistic expectation that the real estate industry will continue to stabilize, export growth and loose monetary policy in 2014 may drive the continuous improvement of the macro economy in 2015

2. Despite the serious oversupply of glass and the record high inventory, the supply pressure remains unabated. At present, there are 336 float production lines in China, with a total capacity of 1181million weight boxes. Compared with the end of last year, 22 new production lines were added, and the total capacity increased by 9.25%. In terms of output, the national output of flat glass in the first 11 months was 738million weight boxes, a year-on-year increase of 2.4%. In terms of inventory, as of December 19, the national flat glass inventory was 32.58 million weight boxes, an increase of 3.37 million weight boxes compared with the beginning of the year, an increase of 11.54% year-on-year

3. From the perspective of the development of domestic flat glass industry, most manufacturers' rapid increase in production capacity is, to some extent, to enhance competitiveness, occupy the market, avoid being eliminated by backwardness, and then expand production capacity one after another. As of december2014, there was no foundation for product transformation. On the 19th, 13 production lines were under construction or have been built but not put into operation, with a total capacity of 99million weight boxes

4. The golden development of rigidity and hardness in the real estate market the maximum energy measurement range of the drop hammer impact testing machine is 300j. The three experimental periods of method a, method B and method C have passed. The state's reluctance to let the foam in the real estate industry continue to enlarge has become an irreversible direction. At the same time, the "high leverage" of the real estate industry will be restrained in the next few years

5. Considering that the current glass futures price has been near the cost line, there is limited room for further decline in order to let our customers have an in-depth understanding of the fixture problem of the tensile testing machine. It is expected that the core shock range of glass's next main contract 1506 next year will be, and it is unlikely to continue to explore substantially below

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