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Glass packaging container industry (Part 1)

over the past 20 years of reform and opening up, China's glass packaging industry, like other industries, has experienced several stages of development, adjustment, elimination and re establishment in the wave of development. China's wood product packaging boxes have also achieved rapid development. The following is a brief review of the development of the glass packaging container industry in recent years

main achievements

(I) the glass packaging container industry is developing steadily in optimization

80sgppl is a leading enterprise in the production of key components such as sealing, wear and tolerance control functional parts suitable for various harsh working conditions. In the middle of the's, China's glass packaging container industry once saw a great development in the wave of reform and opening up. The national "five major projects" also emerged under this background. However, the good times did not last long. Within a few years, the entire glass packaging container industry was facing a situation in which more than 0% of the enterprises lost money or faced closure due to macro management imbalance, production exceeding demand and poor management of the enterprises themselves. In the competition, some enterprises with small output and backward equipment are gradually eliminated. Take Liaoning, a former glass Province, for example. In the past, there were nearly ten glass factories in Shenyang alone

is such a big glass province. Now there are only a few glass factories left, and some of the remaining enterprises have been restructured or leased. So far, glass container enterprises in most regions of the country except Shandong Province have been reorganized and optimized. Some enterprises with a certain scale and level, under the increasingly fierce market competition, have increased their own management from the perspective of management mechanism and enterprise management, and continuously adopted and introduced advanced technology and management experience at home and abroad, so as to raise the overall level of the enterprise to a higher level. Some new enterprises with high starting point and strict management can adapt to the development of market economy as soon as they are put into operation. Therefore, from the perspective of the whole glass packaging container industry, although the glass factories in many regions have closed down or closed down successively, the overall level of the industry has been greatly improved and developed

(II) the level of equipment has been improved, and the production efficiency has been greatly improved.

with the opening up of the industry, some foreign advanced technologies and equipment have been widely introduced, and domestic equipment is also continuously improved and improved. Especially in recent years, with the improvement of comprehensive national strength, the pace of improvement and improvement of domestic molding machine equipment has been accelerating. A series of electronic control systems, such as electronic valve box instead of mechanical cam and electronic distributor, are widely used in forming equipment. The product quality of the newly developed 4, 6 and 8 groups of single and double drop electronic technology controlled molding machines has reached or approached the level of similar foreign products. At the same time, the supporting equipment such as belt type fuel oil wide annealing furnace, electric heating annealing furnace, bottle pusher, fuel spray gun, kiln control system, feeder, batching system, pallet packaging machine and cold and hot end spraying machine have also been developed, improved and put into production. The overall equipment level of the industry has been greatly improved, and the production efficiency has been greatly improved. Take the production of 640ml beer bottles as an example. In the past, the speed of the molding machine was generally more than a dozen, but now it is generally increased to. The speed of some domestic double drop machines or imported machines can reach

at present, the overall equipment level of the industry has gradually shifted from simply chasing foreign machines to domestic 6-group and 8-group improved machines. With the improvement of the overall level of the country, the problem of the level of domestic aircraft will certainly have a great development

(III) the product quality has been continuously improved, and varieties have emerged in endlessly.

the improvement of the melting quality of kilns and the improvement of forming equipment and configuration equipment have also made great changes in the product quality. For example, in the past, some high-grade grape wine bottles and high-grade white wine bottles with high white materials have been imported. Through the introduction of foreign advanced technology, the improvement of domestic equipment and the strengthening of internal management of enterprises in recent years, some enterprises with better equipment and management level have been able to produce, and their product quality has basically reached the level of similar foreign products. This not only saves a lot of foreign exchange for the country, but also some enterprises export their products. For another example, beer bottles, which used to be regarded as having high physical and chemical performance indicators and difficult to produce, are now blooming everywhere. Many enterprises have greatly reduced the weight of bottles on the premise of ensuring product quality. From 550 grams in the past to about 500 grams, some enterprises have reduced to 470 grams, greatly saving energy, reducing consumption and improving market competitiveness

in terms of product types and designs and varieties, they are emerging one after another. In the past, ordinary enterprises could not replace a few products in a year. Now, one or several varieties of fatigue life testing systems with wide range of utilization, reliable performance and low operation cost have to be replaced in almost one day. There are green bottle, dark green bottle, olive green bottle, brown bottle, dead leaf yellow bottle, ordinary white bottle, high white bottle, and blue bottle. The variety of designs and colors has developed from a single green beer bottle and can head bottle in the past to only 296ml, 330ml, 355ml, 500ml and 640ml green, yellow and white beer bottles. According to a leader of the marketing department of an enterprise, their factory alone has more than 3000 products. (to be continued)

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