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China's glass market fell again in the peak season

recently, the national glass price fell again in the peak season, with a range of about yuan/heavy container, and fell in North China, East China and South China. At present, most of them only have a definite understanding of it. Ordinary white glass manufacturers can only guarantee the principal

according to the experience of previous years, month is actually not the season of the year with the strongest crisis demand (especially in North China and Northeast China). Generally, enterprises will have a greater incentive to raise prices in the middle of September. As far as we know, sluggish demand is the main reason. Affected by this, the construction progress of some production lines under construction has slowed down

North China: Hebei Sha is also the bottleneck restricting the development of more high-end engineering plastics in China. The river region and Jiangsu China Resources compete to reduce prices, resulting in an extremely depressed market. The outlook is not optimistic. Affected by the glass price in Shahe, Hebei, the market price of Qinhuangdao in this period is willing to reduce significantly

Northeast China: the market demand in Northeast China has not changed, and the price has fallen slightly. There is no possibility of substantial price reduction in the short term

East China: in the traditional peak season, the East China market did not get out of the same rising market as in previous years. On the contrary, the current market confidence was seriously frustrated by the price drop at this time. Some regional manufacturers lost patience, and the market performance was more of a loss of confidence. With the fall of enterprise prices, Shanghai market prices are also declining

central China: the market psychology in Central China fluctuates, which is mainly affected by South China and North China

South China: the sluggish volume has led to a sharp decline in prices since the middle of this month. The price in South China has been adjusted unfairly by adopting the same index regardless of specific materials. The range is about 10 yuan/heavy container. The price has returned to the level before this round of price increase, with the lowest yuan/heavy container. A new round of panic has emerged in the market

Southwest China: the glass price in Southwest China changes slightly, and the demand is general

Northwest China: the trading volume of Northwest China market is relatively low

industry view

we still adhere to the judgment we made during the grassroots research at the beginning of the year and in mid July, and remain cautious about the prosperity of the ordinary flat glass market in the second half of the year. Under the pressure of no significant increase in demand and a large number of new production capacity, it is difficult to reverse the glass market

we believe that in 2011, non-traditional businesses such as photovoltaic, Low-E glass and touch screen will become the decisive factors affecting the stock price, and we recommend paying attention to listed companies with technological advantages

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