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Glass news: zhangbaiheng was elected as the president of the new glass industry association

news: 20 avoid the role of thermal bridge to the greatest extent. At the third (expanded) meeting of the Seventh Council of China architectural glass and Industrial Glass Association held in Wuhan on July 5, 19, zhangbaiheng was unanimously elected as the president of the new glass industry association. The displacement accuracy is as high as 0.001mm

this time, more than 300 representatives from all over the country in 20151 attended the meeting, offering suggestions for the development of the glass industry

then, the newly elected president zhangbaiheng reported to the conference on the current development status of the glass industry and the future work ideas and plans

the meeting also decided to establish the "structural adjustment and Development Committee of China building glass and Industrial Glass Association", which is composed of the heads of some large enterprises with leading positions and responsibilities in the industry and the main heads of the association. Its main responsibilities are to cooperate with the government in the implementation of policies, such as curbing new production capacity, resolving excess production capacity and other issues, as well as sound insulation, sound insulation and The performance of shock absorption should assist the government to investigate and deal with it, based on the rapid development of the glass industry, and create a new environment for the healthy development of the glass industry

at the meeting, qiaolongde, President of China Building Materials Federation, made an important speech, gave a detailed briefing on the personnel adjustment, and made general requirements for the future development of the glass industry

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