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Glass manufacturers are more optimistic about the market in the later period

the recent increase of 1 in the downstream of glass: during the experiment of hydraulic testing machine, industrial enterprises have begun to have holidays one after another, and long-distance transportation also has a holiday trend. Therefore, the delivery speed of glass manufacturers has slowed down significantly, basically entering the mode during the Spring Festival

(1) regularly check whether the connecting wires on the rear panel of the controller are in good contact.

compared with last year, the financial situation of glass manufacturers is better. The operating funds required during the Spring Festival are basically prepared, and most of the required raw and fuel materials are stored in place. The normal manufacturers can save costs for production and operation. From the perspective of sales strategy, manufacturers in the northern region may introduce certain preferential measures to some traders to store a certain amount of glass, and some manufacturers are ready to store their own glass. Based on the reason that they are optimistic about the later market. Some manufacturers have also introduced price protection measures

the business strategy of "total excellent service" provides customers with a perfect use environment. At present, the overall inventory of the industry is higher than that of the same period last year, but the manufacturer is also more optimistic about the later market than that of the same period last year

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