The hottest glass market is full of spring, and it

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The glass market is full of spring. The capacity of its database or the number of cycles of waveform displayed on each screen can hardly endure the macro pull and press

important news

US employment is better than expected, and the voice of quitting QE (quantitative easing policy) reappears. The euro zone economy is shrinking, the era of fiscal tightening is coming to an end, and easing policies are expected to be introduced. Domestic public financial expenditure increased significantly year-on-year

according to the data released by the Ministry of finance, China's public financial revenue in 2013 was 2.24 trillion yuan, an increase of 7.2% year-on-year; Monthly public financial expenditure was 1.61 trillion yuan, an increase of 15.7% year-on-year

in the fourth quarter of last year, the economic contraction in the euro zone reached the largest in nearly four years. The quarterly rate of the revised GDP of the euro zone in the fourth quarter fell by 0.6%, consistent with the initial value released on February 14

the number of ADP employees in the United States increased by 198000 in February, better than the expected increase of 170000, which added hope to the improvement of the U.S. employment market. The value of January was also significantly revised up, from an increase of 192000 to an increase of 215000

glass index analysis

on the 6th, the "China glass composite index" rose by 1.5 points compared with the previous day, "China glass price index" rose by 1.62 points, "China glass market confidence index" rose by 1.02 points. The composite index and the price index continued to rise at a large angle, and the confidence index rose later, with a small range, which reflected a slight lack of market confidence in price rise

glass spot situation

the market continued to pick up and run well, and the overall operation was stable. The Northeast consortium meeting led to the price rise in North China and Northeast China. In the early stage of price adjustment, the mainstream manufacturers in the region maintained stable prices and did not adjust prices again. Recently, a series of production lines have been started, and the newly produced glass will be gradually sold in the market. The cost of glass was adjusted steadily, the price of heavy soda ash increased slightly, the price of light soda ash decreased slightly, and the price of thermal coal remained stable

glass demand situation

glass demand maintains a pattern of strong in the South and weak in the north. Processing enterprises in the South have started construction, while processing enterprises in the north have started construction one after another, but the operating rate is not particularly ideal. On the whole, it has become a fact that demand is gradually rising. Whether the demand can be effectively improved in the later period will determine whether the northern market can actually get out of the off-season. The negative effects of the "national five article" regulation details and follow-up policies shrouded the varieties of building materials, and the long-term demand for glass was compressed. The two sessions hotly discussed the construction of new urbanization, and the specific plan will be announced after the meeting. The long-term demand for glass is expected to be supported. The "five national policies" of the "urbanization" game leads the trend of the glass market in the macro sense, while the downstream demand makes the glass market price fluctuate with the season on july25,2017, while accepting the disturbance of macro policies

from February 25 to March 3, 2013, the national commercial housing transaction data showed that the supply was slightly tight, the transaction area of various regions increased steadily, the transaction area of the first and second tier cities ranked first in the month on month growth, and the month on month growth of some cities exceeded 100%

in the short term, the negative effects of the "five national rules" will be gradually digested by the market, and the industry recovery will also alleviate the negative effects of the rules to a certain extent. It is expected that the concept of "urbanization construction" will boost market confidence to a certain extent and offset the strong negative effect of the "national five articles"

glass futures situation

on the 6th, glass futures opened higher and fell back. In September, the contract rose 0.33%, up 5 yuan/ton to close at 1526 yuan/ton. The trading volume decreased by 20% compared with the previous trading day, and the position increased by -17712. In January, the contract fell by 11 yuan/ton to close at 1499 yuan/ton. The trading volume was around 100000 hands, slightly lower than that of the previous trading day, with 10482 positions increased. September is strong and January is weak. There are still short spread arbitrage opportunities in the short term


the Northeast consortium meeting pushed up regional prices. Prices in the north and South markets fluctuated in the same direction, but the demand in the north market has not recovered substantially. Prices in South China and central China tend to stabilize after rising. The whole country is stable in the south, strong in the East and good in the north

the detailed rules of the "national five articles" fracture strength testing machine were put into practice, and the disk continued to digest major bad news. The report of the two sessions boosted market confidence and showed positive results. Glass futures continued to adjust. In September, the contract rose by 5 yuan/ton to close at 1526 yuan/ton. In January, the contract fell by 11 yuan/ton to close at 1499 yuan/ton. Strong in September and weak in January will become the mainstream trend in the development of experimental machines. Considering the seasonality of the two contracts, there are still short spread arbitrage opportunities

at the macro level, the detailed rules of the "five national policies" have been issued. The two sessions mentioned the construction of new urbanization. "Urbanization" will compete with the "five national policies" for a period of time. The glass market will also fluctuate widely under the seasonal characteristics of the industry. At the same time, the seasonal trend will be partially revised with the changes of macro policies. In the short term, pay attention to the positive effect of the hot spots of the two sessions, wait for the long-term positive effect of the seasonal recovery of the glass market and the details of urbanization, and gradually establish medium-term multiple orders at the strong support level. The investor Baidu "Zhao Fei of Wanda futures" or Jiaqun obtained contact information to exchange and consult with glass futures investment opportunities

7-day operation suggestions

intra day traders fall back to short and long operations; The maintenance of the value of the production enterprise is suspended; More capital investors cross period arbitrage. 30million level investors hold long-term multiple orders established in the contract range in September yesterday. Those who have not built positions gradually build positions when they fall back. The position of phase I is 8%

Author: ZHAOFEI (Xi'an Business Department of Wanda futures) the content of this article is for reference only and does not constitute investment suggestions. Investors operate accordingly at their own risk

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