The hottest glass market operates mildly, and Shah

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In April, Shahe glass led another wave of rising market, with a rise of 5mm and a specification of 0. 5 yuan/square meter, 0. 38mm specification reaches 0.. 4 yuan/square meter; In central and eastern China, there was also a moderate upward trend, and some enterprises raised their quotations slightly. In terms of the market, the demand in North China has improved significantly, the delivery speed of enterprises has accelerated, the inventory has decreased significantly, and the market operation in other regions is still relatively slow

it is estimated that by 2025

2016, the glass production capacity may still decline by about 5%, and the output may fall to less than 700million weight boxes. In the short term, the market will continue to rise in the north and stabilize in the south. The expectation of falling demand in the plum rain season will drag down the price rise in the south, while there may still be room for rise in the north in the short term

under the economic internal circulation of the global glass () department, in April 2021, when the control system in Chengdu, China was abnormal, the China Construction Expo talked with you about new opportunities in the industry


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