Whole wood customization is widely respected. Whol

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Whole wood customization is widely respected whole wood customization home

whole wood customization is widely respected whole wood customization home

nowadays, a single furniture and building materials business seems to have been unable to meet the appetite of home shopping malls. Many domestic home shopping malls have begun structural adjustment after the expansion of the past two years. In order to capture more customers, many shopping malls expand their business formats through the refinement of their own characteristics, so that the operation of home shopping malls is no longer single

hypermarkets maintain the expansion speed, and whole wood customization is widely respected.

in 2015, the expansion momentum of home stores in Beijing was as rapid as a tiger, from Jimei home Lugouqiao store to incredibly home Daxing store, to Liangwu lighting North Fifth Ring store, Jixing Deyi home Plaza... Although chengwaicheng home still maintained the characteristics of a single store, it also opened an international home furnishing Museum and mahogany building in June of that year. The new opening of large brand chain stores and the re installation of building materials and home furnishing market have made the home furnishing market more competitive

the strong are stronger and the weak are weaker. Matthew effect also appears in the household industry. Whether developing against the trend or seeking change in upgrading, the stores in front always show their abilities with the latest posture. However, the market cake in front of us is still so large that more and more participants want to take a share. At the same time of capacity expansion, many entrepreneurs began to think about whether to develop some diversified projects to make the business more prosperous

strong momentum of diversified development

from the diversification of the home industry to cross industry diversification, many enterprises are showing the charm of diversified development with practical actions. While operating home, they are committed to flowering and bearing fruit in another industry, making the home industry colorful

the concept of "whole wood customization" is widely respected

if you ask why these home shopping malls develop like this, it is mainly determined by the market. What kind of development trend an industry will present is not the final say, but is affected by the general environment

the head of the old carpenter said that the old carpenter has been promoting the concept of "whole wood customization". The improvement of people's living standards will inevitably promote the diversified development of household enterprises

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