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In the process of decoration, many prospective owners will encounter various problems: serious overspending of decoration fees, incongruous color of room walls, outdated furniture style &hellip& hellip; In order to avoid the above problems encountered by citizens in the decoration, the reporter visited the designers of many decoration companies and asked them to give advice for your love of home and avoid the aftereffects of decoration

◆ plan the decoration and know it well

many prospective owners start the decoration before the decoration style is determined after they get the key to their new house. As a result, the decoration effect is far from expected, and the decoration budget will also be much overspent. In this regard, the senior designer of Xuchang KuoDa decoration suggested that the prospective owner should not rush to decorate after getting the key, but should first determine the decoration style, including the details of the decorative materials used, the purchase and placement of furniture, etc. Then combine the decoration style, determine the budget, and entrust a decoration company with good reputation, reliable construction quality and reasonable price to design and decorate for you. At the same time, during decoration, prospective owners often go to the decoration site and negotiate with the construction unit at any time to obtain the best decoration effect

◆ assess the qualification of the decoration team and don't be greedy for cheap

many disputes caused by decoration are caused by the psychology of consumers who are greedy for small and cheap. In order to save money, many consumers hire unlicensed construction teams for decoration. These construction teams usually have only three or five people. When undertaking projects, they first attract customers at low prices. Once an agreement is reached, various problems will occur in the decoration process. The designer of Xuchang Dongyirisheng told reporters that construction delays often occur when guerrillas are selected for construction. In addition, the decoration quality of unlicensed construction teams is not flattering, which often leads to other problems

◆ appropriately leave blank to adapt to home decoration changes

it is easy to go into a misunderstanding when decorating a new house. You always want to do it in one step and make a full house of cabinets and some fixed furniture, which will lead to a long period of time without adjustment. In fact, decoration should change with the change of the environment. Change the matching home accessories in different seasons, and the owner's mood will be fresh with the change of home; Changes in the times will lead to new home fashion trends, home design concepts, furniture styles will change. More importantly, when the household population changes, it needs to be readjusted. Therefore, the decoration of new houses must be left blank to adapt to future changes

◆ make rational use of surplus materials

in the decoration, the existence of surplus materials is inevitable. Ceramic tiles and other main materials can be returned if there is surplus, but if the electric light switch, clay powder, cement, sand, latex paint, etc. are thrown away, it will not only be wasted, but also cause pollution to the environment. Now, many people will post their surplus materials of home decoration on some decoration forums to find buyers and realize the scientific utilization of surplus materials. Some decoration owners will exchange their own decoration surplus materials with other owners through the forum, which can well save the decoration cost




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