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Due to the strong professionalism and complex process, the complaint rate of home decoration is high in various fields of home decoration. So, where is the high-risk zone of home decoration? How can we improve the safety consumption index? How can we avoid the trap? Xiaobian summed up four key links from these complaints and disputes. As long as we pay attention to them, home decoration consumption can be safer

first, the early quotation

in home decoration, it is easy to have a large gap between the early quotation and the settlement price, especially some small decoration companies with irregular management tend to attract owners with low quotations in the early stage. Most of the means are to mark the construction process only when quoting the construction project, and deliberately ignore the specific content. For example, the prices of carpenters, oilers and bricklayers are generally indicated by items. Although there is little difference between the single quotation and the actual settlement, the total price will be much higher

some small companies offer abnormally low prices, deliberately hide the projects that should be done, and then slowly add them after the start of construction, and tell you that they must be done, or do not report management fees, taxes, etc. in the preliminary budget, and then record them all in the settlement. At this time, the owner's heart was dug a big hole

safe consumption guide:

1. The budget should be reserved. When communicating the decoration budget with the designer, you may wish to deduct 10% - 15%. When coordinating the design scheme, try not to easily increase the budget, so that the designer can give full play to the fixed budget

2. Add favorable terms to the contract. When signing the contract, it is necessary to carefully check whether the decoration project has been included in the budget. If necessary, it can be agreed that there is an 8% deviation between the actual materials and the budget, and payment will be refused beyond this range

3. Avoid late additions. For the designer's suggestions on demolition and modification, modeling, etc., we should repeatedly think about whether we really need it, and avoid changing the design plan in a whim during construction, which will also increase the budget cost

4. Make home decoration and recognize the brand. It is a good way to find a brand home decoration company. They have many terms that promise to control the budget and add items. Generally, they can complete the home decoration within the contract amount, even if the excess is controlled at about 5%

II. Concealed works

the so-called concealed works are the construction parts that will be covered by the next process, such as water and electricity, wall and ground base, etc. Among them, hydropower projects are not included in the contract, and are charged according to the actual amount after construction

due to the lack of professional decoration experience, most owners are confused about the laying method and direction of water pipes and lines. Therefore, the construction team can increase the number of meters and square meters at will and settle the price with the owner. Such traps may occur in various forms of contracting projects. Concealed works are also prone to lack of weight. For example, for waterproof works, toilets must be 1.8 meters high, but many guerrillas only do enough for 30 cm. For another example, the base paint of the wall should be made with three layers of primer, but the workers only make one layer of primer

safe consumption guide:

1. Choose a large company with commitment. Many brand home decoration companies have made a commitment to capping the cost of water and electricity transformation, and even have the whole decoration and suit mode of charging according to the separate space such as bathroom and kitchen, which can effectively avoid the unsafe factors of concealed works. The construction level of concealed works in some brand companies has been high, and there are professional methods to distinguish whether concealed works are in place by color

2. It is necessary to study concealed works. It is the most fishy place in home decoration projects. Owners should learn some professional knowledge, know more about the specific provisions and calculation methods in hydropower transformation, and try to avoid the risk of additional items in hydropower transformation

3. Employ supervisors. If you have to find guerrillas, you'd better hire professional water and electricity supervision workers to supervise on site and stop unsafe home decoration in time

III. auxiliary materials and dosage

although various materials are indicated in the contract and quotation, some decoration companies or foremen often use the owner's busy work, unable to supervise the work all day, and use inferior materials

in addition, it is also easy to do tricks on a single area. Owners usually pay attention to the price of individual items, and pay little attention to the actual area. If there is something fishy about each area, the final auxiliary material cost will be as little as several hundred yuan, and as much as several thousand yuan

safe consumption guide:

1. Supervise the mobilization of materials. During the construction, the owner had better be present in person, bring the contract and quotation, and invite knowledgeable people or supervisors to the site to check and accept important decoration accessories such as plates, waterproof materials, cement, etc

2. Supervise on-site measurement. The actual measurement of mobilization is also essential. We must measure the area and size of each item together with the decoration company or foreman, write it down, and calculate the total price of each item, which should be noted in the contract

3. Irregularly patrol the construction site. Irregular inspection should be carried out to avoid material swapping

IV. after sales service

after sales service and maintenance of home decoration are easy to be ignored by owners. After the decoration is basically completed, there may be some construction quality problems, and the construction team often delays. The warranty of some construction teams is mostly verbal commitment, and there is no clear specification in terms of time. Guerrillas, let alone after-sales, are not uncommon to find people just after the completion of construction

safe consumption guide:

1. After sales is agreed in the contract. Before signing the maintenance contract, it is best to check whether all construction projects have major defects. Once there are quality problems, the home decoration company should be required to repair in time, and then the maintenance period and cost should be agreed according to the contract requirements

2. Take protective measures. When looking for guerrillas for construction, it is more necessary to sign an after-sales maintenance agreement to avoid being groundless. The specific items and costs of maintenance shall be indicated in the agreement one by one




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