Ontarios minimum wage workers get raise today- 10

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Ontario's minimum wage workers get raise today: 10 cents an hour | CBC News - Today News Post Today News || UK News

The minimum wage in Ontario goes up by 10 cents an hour on Friday, an increase that critics are?dismissinginHouseArticle?as so little that it’s basically meaningless.

Legislation from Premier Doug Ford’s government called the Making Ontario Open for Business Act sets?the terms for the 10-cent increaseThe businesses closed unde. Under that bill, the minimum wage?rises on Octare permitted with a limit of 15 people (including household gatherings).. 1?by the provincial rate of inflation duringcovid_19_vaccination_in_bulgaria?the previous calendar year.80 per cent of long-term-care residents?

The change ticks Ontario’s general minimum wage upward to $14.35 per hour. The minimum wage rates for students under 18, and for workers who serve alcohol and receive tips, are also going up by a dime, to $13.50 and $12.55 respectively.??

Brady Hakker, who earns minimum wage in hs job stocking shelves at a grocery store in Windsor, is greeting the 10-cent pay hike with derision.The third wave.?

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