The hottest textile machinery market in East China

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The largest textile machinery market in East China opened in Shishi clothing city. On the 18th, the opening ceremony of the machinery hall of the 13th cross strait textile and clothing Expo and the opening ceremony of the professional textile machinery and equipment market in Shishi were held in Shishi clothing city. Seeking transformation and upgrading

it is understood that the market venue of the textile machinery Museum covers an area of 35000 square meters. It is the largest comprehensive textile machinery and equipment market in East China, integrating commerce, office, accommodation, warehousing and logistics. The exhibition area of the machinery museum is 15000 square meters, and more than 300 brands at home and abroad with stable flow and pressure have settled in

efficient, energy-saving and environment-friendly dyeing and finishing equipment has become a highlight of the textile machinery Museum. Among the equipment on display, efficient and short process equipment accounted for the mainstream. These equipment vigorously promote one-step and two-step processes, shorten the equipment process flow, improve the working efficiency of water washing and steam steamer, reduce water consumption, steam consumption and waste water discharge

the advantages of holding exhibitions jointly by both sides of the Taiwan Straits in this Expo have been extremely obvious. The electro-hydraulic servo testing machine test method standard machinery Museum has about 20 Taiwan enterprises from Taiwan, such as Shangxing machinery and liuya technology, participating in the exhibition, and an endless stream of merchants come to see samples and order

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