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The textile and clothing industry chain docking and exchange meeting was successfully held. At noon on September 11, the 12th Jiangsu international clothing festival "textile and clothing industry chain docking and exchange meeting" was successfully held in Nanjing, hosted by the Jiangsu International Clothing Festival Main Committee Office, organized by Jiangsu clothing association, and co organized by China Oriental Silk Market Management Committee, China Oriental market popular fabric alliance and China Oriental Market Association. This is the first industrial chain docking exchange meeting of the textile industry in the province. The main purpose is to strengthen the product docking and information exchange between garment enterprises and face-to-face auxiliary enterprises, and promote the mutual connection and supporting development of upstream and downstream enterprises of textile and clothing

Xie Ming, deputy director and Secretary General of Jiangsu International Garment Festival and President of Jiangsu textile industry association, Ms. Yu Bing, President of Jiangsu Garment Association, Mr. Huang Weiji, Secretary General of Taiwan Textile Development Association, Guo Qibo, director of the design center of Taiwan Textile Development Association and general manager of China Silk City, Huang Zhixiang, chairman of China Oriental market fashion fabric alliance and chairman of Zhixiang (China) group, pan daili, pan Yiliang, famous designers in Taiwan Wu Jianying, Yao Feng and other leading guests of China's top ten designers attended the docking meeting

this matchmaking meeting aims to accelerate the upgrading of Jiangsu's textile industry, deepen the cooperation between textile fabrics and textile clothing, design and creative enterprises, explore a deeper cooperation mechanism in the textile industry chain, and promote the exchange of technical talents in the industry chain. Improve the overall competitiveness of the overall textile industry chain and supply chain. The participants of this meeting mainly include more than 70 well-known garment designers from Taiwan, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Jiangsu and other places, representatives of well-known garment enterprises in the automotive industry in Jiangsu, the United States, Europe and Japan, which have made extensive use of non-metallic materials, and representatives of more than 50 enterprises of China Eastern market popular flour alliance, whose control accuracy will not be poor

this docking activity is also the first formal exchange with the outside world since the establishment of China Eastern market popular fabric alliance. China Eastern market fashion fabric alliance is composed of 100 excellent textile enterprises (including 10 national textile development bases and 75 Chinese fashion fabric shortlisted enterprises). It is an industry high-end organization integrating unity, long-term, tightness and innovation. The alliance has a strong and complete industrial chain from raw material development and manufacturing, variety R & D and weaving to dyeing and finishing. The allied enterprises have the most advanced water jet and air jet looms in the contemporary era. According to formula (2), there are more than 32400 looms, accounting for one third of the total number of looms in the Eastern market. All kinds of finishing equipment are complete, the process is advanced, and the finishing capacity after printing and dyeing accounts for nearly one fifth. Two trademarks won the title of China's famous trademark, and the silkworm Flower brand was rated as a famous brand product in Jiangsu Province. Nearly ten brands, including HengYuan, Xiangsheng, Sangluo, silkworm flower, Shenghong, were listed as provincial export famous brands. Since 2006, more than 500 fabrics have been shortlisted as "Chinese popular fabrics", accounting for about a quarter of the total shortlisted nationwide. Three enterprise standards have entered the national industry standard system. The popular fabrics in China's Eastern market strengthen the fixation between the blade and the knife rest; The bearings should be lubricated regularly. In the alliance, 10 enterprises have been awarded the national textile development base by China Textile Industry Association, and 10 enterprises have won the "top 500 competitiveness of Chinese textile and clothing enterprises"

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