Dow launched a new generation of impact modifier f

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Dow launched a new generation of impact modifier for polylactic acid (PLA)

paralidtm bpm-520 to promote the development of PLA bioplastics. We learned that the pendulum impact tester is aimed at the impact resistance of related materials under dynamic load

Shanghai and Guangzhou, China - may 17, 2011 - Dow Chemical Company (nyse: Dow) The Dow plastic additives division, which it belongs to, introduced its latest research and development achievements to manufacturers in the field of bioplastics, aiming to help these manufacturers enter the packaging material market with sustainable and advanced environmental protection solutions

paraloidtm bpm-520 is a new type of impact modifier, which can improve the impact resistance of opaque, injection molded polylactic acid (PLA) products, while having a minimum impact on the thermal deformation temperature and rigidity

after blending with PLA, paraloidtm bpm-520 modifier provides brands with more choices to help them use sustainable polymers in their application fields, including opaque ice cream and food packaging, as well as semi durable goods applications, such as cosmetics packaging, laptop base or so on

because its raw material is corn, PLA has less carbon footprint than many other polymers, but its nature is fragile, so modifiers need to be used to improve its impact resistance. Paraloidtm bpm-520 is specially developed for PLA injection molding resin to provide high impact strength at room temperature and below zero. In addition, it can also provide the same function in PLA blends, such as pla/pc

processors will benefit from their excellent flow performance and stiffness retention of parts, while brands will benefit from their coloring and excellent surface appearance. According to EU regulation (EU) 10/2011 and the requirements of the U.S. Food and drug administration, paraledtm bpm-520 can be used for plastic materials in contact with food ----- general manager of plastic industry technology development center xiaoyaogui. Oil leakage from the oil circuit system generally appears at the connection of buffer valve, oil return valve, oil delivery valve, oil pump and pipeline

"brands have been looking for products that can meet customer requirements and have better environmental protection performance, but they also do not want to affect the end use performance of products, and they also require to maintain the cost competitiveness of finished products and efficient production process", Robin madgwick, marketing manager of Dow plastic additives, explained

"for bio based PLA resin materials with sustainable development, we have worked closely with major resin manufacturers to provide an efficient impact modifier, which can adopt the pre dispersion process, which is more convenient to use, and can help PLA resin be applied to the field of injection molding durable goods and opaque packaging materials, which is a substantial progress in this field", madgwick continued to explain

paraloidtm BPM contains unidirectional or non unidirectional reinforcement -520 is manufactured by Dow at JTC factory in Singapore and can be sold in Asia, Europe and South America. Paraloidtm bpm-520 is the latest product in a series of products launched by Dow plastic additives division to support PLA users. Please visit to learn about the materials related to paraloidtm impact modifier series products and melt strength enhancers in different PLA application fields

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