The hottest textile enterprise changes its raw mat

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Textile enterprises change raw materials for bamboo and soybeans

since this year, the price of cotton has risen all the way, making the textile industry aim at new materials one after another. In the face of the sharp fluctuations in cotton prices, they have found their own "key units and components of Xanadu system are manufactured with current international advanced technology"

"the old products do not extend the gauge distance: 50mm; if we dare to raise the price, we can only invest more energy in the research and development of new products. For example, we have launched a dual-purpose bamboo fiber double-layer quilt, which is technically immature, and also used some materials such as soybean fiber." Xiyingmen home textile Jiang Haibin manager told

in addition, seaweed fibers are being developed in the cultivation base of the State Key Laboratory of fiber new materials and modern textile of Qingdao University. It is reported that if seaweed fiber and cotton are blended, more cloth can be woven and the cost is lower

Secretary General Zheng of the Municipal Textile Association said that compared with cotton fiber, new material fibers have higher requirements for technology and innovation, higher risks and higher added value. It will take some time to enter the homes of ordinary people

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