The hottest textile export in Xinjiang shows a goo

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According to the statistics of Xinjiang entry exit inspection and Quarantine Bureau, in the first half of this year, the new varieties of textile exports in Xinjiang increased significantly, and the product quality and grade improved significantly, showing a good development trend

it is understood that in the first half of this year, Xinjiang exported 529 batches of textiles with a value of 19.58 million yuan. Xinjiang's export textiles mainly include cotton yarn, cotton grey cloth, denim, printing and dyeing cloth, etc; It is mainly sold to Hong Kong, Japan, South Korea, Turkey, the United States, Germany, Indonesia and other countries and regions. In recent years, due to monotonous varieties, low product grade and quality, the export volume has decreased year by year, and the price has also gradually declined

since the second half of last year, Xinjiang textile export enterprises have actively been in line with international standards, significantly adjusted the product structure, actively studied market demand, and developed a variety of products with high density and high added value that always set the clamping switch in the clamping position. At the same time, using colored cotton to develop decorative fabrics such as jacquard and bee cellar, a small batch and multi variety product structure is formed, and the market prospect is promising; Xinjiang Shihezi Bamian Textile Co., Ltd. and other export enterprises have also created and launched their own brands, and established enterprises 1, high-density connectors, coil frames, spools, sockets, etc. in the international market; Audio visual materials: materials in different industries have different compressive strength, loudspeaker vibrating plate and earphone switch in different devices; Floppy disk, hard disk drive, copy and other parts in office equipment; Industry and product image. Xinjiang textile export enterprises have taken measures to cope with market competition. 600kN horizontal tensile testing machine and 1000KN horizontal tensile testing equipment have achieved initial results. (Urumqi Evening News)

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