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Dozens of street lamps in the economic development zone have been "blind" for nearly a year. The municipal Efficiency Office has supervised the full recovery of street lamps.

since October 2017, 12345 government services have been received from residents of Fujiang Garden community, Xinghe East Street, in the urban area of the City, reflecting that the street lamps in the community and the nearby Xianghe East Street and shuxiu East Street are not on, and there are potential safety hazards. In view of the long delay in this matter, the municipal Efficiency Office supervised it. At present, the lighting functions of these dozens of street lamps have been restored, and the residents in this area have finally stopped touching the dark

street lights resume lighting

street lights are "blind" for a year

residents have reported that they have not been solved 12 times

Ms. Wei, a resident of Fujiang Garden community, introduced that there are thousands of residents in the community. Since last October, the street lights in the community began to "strike", which has brought great inconvenience to the residents of the community to travel at night. "There are many old people living in the community. It is particularly inconvenient for them to have no street lights at night, and they are easy to fall down." Ms. Wei told that there were many residents who worked night shifts like themselves in the community. When they came home, the whole community was dark. In addition, dozens of street lights in Xianghe East Street and shuxiu east street nearby were not on, resulting in a lack of security for residents to travel at night

according to the relevant person in charge of the municipal efficiency office, after the matter was reported to 12345, it was immediately transferred to the economic development zone for treatment. 2. After starting, it was operated by empty machine first. On April 18 this year, the Management Committee of the economic development zone also replied to 12345: "the plan for the restoration of street lamps will be implemented this week. Because the property management has higher requirements, now the budget and procurement materials will be re prepared. It is expected to be restored next week to ensure that the restoration will be completed before May Day." However, the reply was not fulfilled

according to the statistics of the municipal office, from October 12, 2017 to August 31, 2018, different citizens called to report this matter for 12 times. The municipal office has handed it over to the economic development zone for many times, but the problem of "blindness" of street lights has not been dealt with

the municipal Efficiency Office supervises the full restoration of street lights

why is this matter so long delayed that it has gathered excellent and cutting-edge talents in Jinan experimental machine industry. According to several decades of experimental machine manufacturing foundation and Xiong Hou technical experience? The municipal Efficiency Office supervised this

after investigation and verification, this area is the sponge city reconstruction project of Fujiang Garden community, and the community needs to be excavated according to the design drawings. Due to the intricate underground lines in the community, the street lighting system was damaged during the excavation. In addition, the power line of Xianghe East Street street lamp is connected to Mingyue road. Because the cleaning screw of Mingyue road landscape lifter must not be used to damage some lines of Mingyue road during construction, the lighting of Xianghe East Street street lamp is affected. In April, 2018, shuxiu street was under construction, and the construction party will comprehensively transform the street lamps according to the design drawings. Due to the late finalization of the new street lamp samples, the construction was delayed

at present, the street lamp lines of Fujiang Garden community and Xianghe East Street have been repaired and the lighting has been restored. On the evening of September 25, I paid a return visit to shuxiu East Street and found that the new street lamps in this section have also been installed and put into use. (all media yuyongjun)

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