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The textile industry has entered the deep transformation and adjustment

the China Textile Industry Federation held the third board meeting of the third session in Beijing. The meeting made seven special speeches with the clue of the spring research activities of the China Textile Federation, and reported and exchanged on cotton, energy conservation and emission reduction, science and technology, brand construction and industrial transfer, which are closely watched by the whole industry. Wang Tiankai, President of China Textile Industry Federation, said at the meeting that the industry has entered a period from scale growth to deep transformation and adjustment

in his speech entitled "recognizing the situation, seeking breakthroughs, and accelerating the transformation and development of the textile industry", Wang Tiankai pointed out that the main task of this meeting is to explore how to accurately grasp the macro situation, set the trend of the industry, focus on the prominent problems of the industry, study and solve countermeasures, seek breakthroughs, accelerate the transformation and upgrading of the industry, and achieve stable development

Wang Tiankai said that from the centralized research and statistical data of China Textile Federation after the Spring Festival, the industry has basically achieved a stable start, and the economic operation situation is generally good. Although there are still many uncertainties facing the textile industry this year, on the whole, the economic operation of the textile industry has the internal and external conditions to continue to maintain steady growth and gradually increase the growth rate. Wang Tiankai pointed out that now we are facing the pressure of environmental protection, the government is facing the pressure of indicators, and enterprises are facing the pressure of capital, technology and the rising cost compared with the medical field. The industry needs to accelerate the implementation of this work. The development of the printing and dyeing industry will affect the entire textile industry if it is restricted by the key research of the production and marketing research team of the environmental protection organization. Therefore, we must not have any luck, and we must comprehensively promote energy conservation and emission reduction

Wang Tiankai said that this year, China Textile Federation will focus on six aspects: first, vigorously promote energy conservation and environmental protection, and effectively help enterprises resolve the pressure of raising standards; Second, promote the development of science and technology as a whole, and give full play to the important supporting role of scientific and technological progress in the industry; Third, carry out brand service in depth and actively create an atmosphere conducive to the development of independent brands; Fourth, improve the pertinence of industrial transfer services, effectively carry out enterprise "going out" services, and promote the regional structure adjustment of the textile industry to make new progress; Fifth, continue to strengthen industry research and provide solutions to major problems in cotton and other industries; Sixth, continue to strengthen the self construction of the Federation and improve the capacity and level of the service industry

at the meeting, Yang Shibin, assistant to the president of the China Textile Industry Federation, revealed in his analysis of the current cotton situation that on April 1, relevant state departments held a meeting on the issue of cotton collection, release and storage, and whether circulation enterprises could participate in the auction and storage became the biggest controversy at the meeting. As the cotton policy will not change in the short term, Yang Shibin suggested that cotton related enterprises make full use of the policy to reduce the loss of cotton price difference and increase product development. Adjust product structure and improve yarn count; In terms of raw material structure adjustment, we should increase blending and replace each other; In terms of regional structural adjustment, we should actively go out and come in

as an important issue affecting the development of the industry, the third is to pay attention to dealing with the relationship between the government and the market. First, the cotton situation has become the focus of attention of more than 300 guests. Focusing on Yang Shibin's speech, the host of the meeting, Gao Yong, vice president of China Textile Industry Federation, analyzed and predicted that the cotton price trend in 2013 would be more complex than that in 2012. He suggested that cotton textile enterprises should remain vigilant and reduce losses

due to the national and local quantitative tasks in energy conservation and environmental protection, the new emission standard of two cucumbers and one bag, as well as the public opinion from the social level and the supervision of environmental protection organizations at home and abroad, textile enterprises, especially the printing and dyeing industry, are facing increasing pressure. Sun Huaibin, Deputy Secretary General of the China Textile Industry Federation, put forward his vision for 2013: strive to cope with the impact of the new international emission standards on enterprises, further carry out the demonstration work of energy-saving free clinics and advanced enterprises in energy conservation and emission reduction, carry out the construction of technical standard system for energy conservation, emission reduction and comprehensive utilization in the textile industry, and study the working mechanism and specific ways of comprehensive utilization of waste textiles

At the meeting, Chen Dapeng, assistant to the president of China Textile Industry Federation, Yang Jun, Deputy Secretary General of China Textile Industry Federation, duanxiaoping, President of China Chemical Fiber Industry Association, Li Lingshen, President of China Industrial Textiles Industry Association, and Zhou Rusheng, Secretary of the Party group and director of Shaoxing County economic and information bureau also made keynote speeches respectively

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