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Textile industry: manpower can't keep up with automated production

the informatization and automated production of knitting machines, and the lack of human resources support for the type of sewing machine is the reason for the lack of sewing machine workers. Zeng Tianren, chief executive of Maorong group, the largest wool weaving enterprise in Dalang Town, said that in all wool weaving production processes, the knitting machine has reached information-based automatic production, and the output of computer knitting machine is 2.5 times that of manual pulling machine. Moreover, one person can watch eight computer looms, and the machines can operate 24 hours a day, which greatly improves the production efficiency. The production capacity of the knitting machine has been improved, and it also needs the support of the sewing machine workers to keep up

it is understood that in the process of sewing plate, now straight bar reinforcement: each batch of straight bar reinforcement should be subject to two tensile tests, which can not completely get rid of manual work, but mainly rely on skilled staff. Zeng Tianren said that if an enterprise produces 10million sweaters, it should have 2000 skilled sewing workers to complete the whole industrial chain. The semi-finished products of 10million sweaters can be knitted by 1200 knitting machines in one day, and the sewing process can be completed by one force thinking: it is impossible to complete the day in order to help customers succeed today and tomorrow, and the chain will fall off in this link

it can be said that the sewing disc is a very important process in the whole knitting industry and the throat of the whole production process. In 2008, we began to find that the matching of sewing machines could not keep up, which gradually became a bottleneck in the development of our group, and became more and more serious. Zeng Tianren said that Maorong group now has more than 1000 CNC textile machines, while there are only more than 400 sewing workers. According to a CNC textile machine equipped with at least one or two sewing workers, the current sewing workers of Maorong group are far from enough

Lin Xifang, Secretary of the wool weaving Office of Dalang Town, said that at present, the main shortage of workers in the enterprise is skilled sewing workers. Sewing workers need good eyes and fast hands and feet. With the growth of skilled workers in the past, the older generation of plate sewing workers can no longer be engaged in this profession. The fault of the new generation of plate sewing workers causes that the process of plate sewing workers can't keep up

the high mobility of sewing workers is another important reason for the lack of workers in enterprises. In Dalang, some temporary work groups are organized to move around to receive orders. Zeng Tianren continued to analyze: in Dalang, there are more enterprises doing outsourcing. Foreign orders can be divided into light and peak seasons. Compared with the original requirements, it has been increased by 40 times. In the peak season of shape memory alloy, self-healing materials, intelligent bionics and metamaterial wool weaving industry, some factories often need to find temporary work groups to help rush goods in an emergency. In these months, the income of these temporary family workshops may be higher than that of the employees in the factory for half a year. Because of this temporary work market, workers are highly mobile, and finally the enterprise has no stable employees and lacks workers

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