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Dpx8000 clearance of Dipu technology improves the safety protection of China Meteorological Administration ctiforum on August 6 (Li Wenjie): Recently, Hangzhou Dipu Technology Co., Ltd. has deployed dpx8000 in-depth business safety clearance, which integrates safety protection and flow audit, to provide high-performance, easy to expand, easy to maintain, and refined management integrated solutions for China weather, the meteorological service portal of China Meteorological Administration, Help them improve their safety protection level and successfully cope with peak traffic during disaster prone periods

China weather is a meteorological service portal for the society and the public and based on public welfare. It is hosted by the public meteorological service center of the China Meteorological Administration and is specifically developed, operated and maintained. It has always maintained a leading position in the industry in terms of releasing meteorological information and providing services for disaster prevention and mitigation. The station is the core portal for the China Meteorological Administration to provide meteorological information services to the public, integrating the latest meteorological business service products and timely and abundant meteorological information from all business departments under the China Meteorological Administration

China weather provides nationwide weather forecast, disaster warning, climate change and other information query services at any time. The security threats from illegal Internet access, worms, virus flooding, spyware, Trojan horse threats, DDoS attacks and other security threats are becoming more and more serious, and the resulting security risks are becoming higher and higher, posing a higher challenge to the security construction of the export of China's weather service areas. At the same time, there are more than 300 servers in the business area. How to provide better traffic and behavior management is also an urgent problem to be considered

after in-depth analysis of China's weather demand, Depp technology provides a comprehensive security protection solution by deploying dpx8000 in-depth business security clearance. Depp technology deploys a dpx8000-a12 deep service gate on the main chain of the export of China Weather Internet, and configures intrusion prevention and traffic audit to avoid impeding the movement of the valve core board, defend against security threats such as viruses and Trojans from the Internet, realize visual management of the traffic in the internal server, and monitor the status of each server in the business area in real time through log reports. In addition, Depp technology hangs dpx8000-a3 deep service level next to the core switch and configures abnormal traffic cleaning board to automatically locate the end face of traffic samples and implement on-demand drainage, so as to ensure that normal business traffic is not affected while protecting against DDoS attacks

based on the deep understanding of China's weather business system and requirements, Depp technology has used its own technical advantages to build a high-performance, easy to expand, easy to maintain, and refined integrated solution for customers when the dynamometer display is close to the load to be detected, which will bring multiple value improvements to customers

1. Simplify the network structure. According to the security construction requirements of China's weather business area, Dipu technology provides a deep business switching solution, adopts dpx8000 equipment based on distributed architecture, integrates various business modules, and realizes the comprehensive integration of multiple security functions on one equipment. At the same time, all equipment and business modules provide unified management IP and management interface, greatly simplifying the network structure, reducing the workload of operation and maintenance, and improving the cost performance of investment

2. Continuous capacity expansion. Compared with the traditional box type equipment, the equipment must be replaced for performance upgrading. Depp technology adopts the integrated security switch, and only needs to add a security card during upgrading, so as to fully meet the expansion needs of performance and function, fundamentally solve the problem of business expansion, and effectively protect user investment

3. Comprehensive safety protection. By deploying dpx8000 deep service exchange gate of dip technology and configuring IPS service board card, China weather provides l2~l7 layers of comprehensive security defense, effectively preventing illegal access, viruses, Trojans and other threats from the Internet. At the same time, configure the abnormal traffic cleaning board to deeply detect the messages in the network, so as to identify the attack messages hidden in the traffic and realize accurate traffic identification and cleaning

4. Reasonable allocation of flow resources. Dpx8000 deep service switching gateway of dip technology integrates the flow control audit function, which can identify applications from multiple dimensions, provide guarantee for the bandwidth of key services, and ensure the maximum value of bandwidth. At the same time, with the help of the built-in graphical report of dpx800 plastic stretching standard 0, the visual management of network traffic is fully realized, providing accurate and detailed data support for network operation and optimization

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