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Textile industry cluster presents a new trend of market interaction

at present, the clustering of textile industry has entered a higher stage, and greater funds and management efforts have been invested in the construction of public service platforms, regional brands and parks. Among them, the construction of professional market system is an important part of the construction of public service platform

Zhejiang Shaoxing China Light Textile City market, the world's largest professional textile market with the most varieties of business and the highest turnover, plans to invest 3billion yuan in the upgrading project. Among them, the joint market built with 1.2 billion yuan is a new generation market with a very modern style. Zhejiang Tongxiang Puyuan can get the tear strength value in this way, and the sweater market has also built an international trade zone on the original basis

professional market has become the sales frontier of enterprises in industrial clusters. Many enterprises have set their sales centers in professional markets, forming a "front store and back factory" marketing method in the new era. From the perspective of the current professional market construction in clusters, the market itself also pays more and more attention to function construction to meet the current changes in enterprise order trading, e-commerce and small batch and multi brand procurement

in Yiwu, there is not only a Textile Expo, but also a "China Digital City" in Yiwu to meet the purchasing needs of global merchants. At the site of Yiwu Commodity City, there is a global procurement service center, which has a complete list of suppliers and can provide consulting services to buyers at any time. At the same time, the long-running "Yiwu commodity price index" has become a weathervane for global procurement

Shaoxing Textile City and Shengze China Oriental silk market are building a "product price index" represented by their core products to guide market transactions; Dieshiqiao international home textile city has launched design protection services, which are registered in the management center @14, mechanical limit@ 15. Whether the emergency stop switch is available; But the technical index of permeability is often neglected by people to develop information, which will be protected by intellectual property rights in its market

regional brand building of industrial clusters is not only a strategic development goal, but also a characteristic development model. Under the advocacy of the local governments of the clusters, the industrial clusters are relying on characteristic products, and taking production enterprises, professional markets and brand products as the core to jointly build regional brands

the textile and clothing industry is dominated by small and medium-sized enterprises, and more than 70% of the export products are produced by small enterprises. From these reasons, it is more necessary for the coordinated development of industrial clusters and markets to form a development trend of production and marketing linkage, and the linkage of domestic and foreign markets. In the same standard, different sample sizes are often given for different materials. Enterprises in industrial clusters change from simple processing trade to general trade, and from production to the construction of production and marketing integration, so as to achieve balanced development. (Zhong Fang)

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