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Dozens of enterprises use industrial robots to upgrade the traditional industry in Shengzhou. Intelligent

integrated stove frame enamel process is a high-intensity physical work and a bottleneck restricting the production capacity of integrated stoves. Yesterday, an enamel robot officially went to work in the production workshop of Shengzhou Shuangyang Electric Appliance Factory. "It is not afraid of tiredness, and the quality of its products is better than that of manual work." Sunzhishan, the person in charge of the company, patted the robot with pride on his face

this enamel robot is jointly developed by Shuangyang electric appliance and a local intelligent equipment company. It has independent intellectual property rights and is the only robot applied in this field in China at present. Since this year, as many as 20 or 30 enterprises like Shuangyang electric appliance have used Shengzhou made robots. In the first three quarters, the R & D expenditure of enterprises in Shengzhou increased by 17.2% year-on-year, and the main area of investment is the development of intelligent manufacturing equipment. "Intelligent equipment has become an important force to promote the upgrading of traditional industries." Qianjianjun, deputy director of Shengzhou science and Technology Bureau, said

after more than 30 years of technological accumulation, Shengzhou's traditional equipment manufacturing industry, mainly Kitchenware and motors, has reached the industrial scale of 10 billion according to the metrology law. With the continuous expansion of brand influence, the two traditional industries have encountered capacity bottlenecks. A prominent problem in 2011 is the low level of automation. Take the kitchen utensils industry as an example. For an integrated stove, hundreds of parts, from the stove frame to the igniter, more than 70% of the manufacturing process depends on labor. The person in charge of a large-scale kitchen appliance enterprise in Shengzhou admitted that the cost of developing intelligent equipment by a single enterprise is too high

in view of the problems faced by enterprises, at the beginning of this year, Shengzhou actively explored the collaborative innovation mode of upstream and downstream of the industrial chain, which has a large volume. By strengthening the cultivation of local intelligent equipment enterprises, Shengzhou helped to upgrade the intelligence of traditional manufacturing industry. In fact, Shengzhou has unique advantages in cultivating and expanding the intelligent manufacturing equipment industry. "The core of intelligent equipment is the motor." Fan Bing, Secretary General of Shengzhou Motor Industry Association, said that motor + equipment is the prototype of robot. Shengzhou Dachuan robot Co., Ltd. is an intelligent equipment company relying on the motor industry

in the Dachuan robot assembly workshop, engineers are debugging a material handling robot. "We developed this together with Lanju electric appliance." Zhao gu, general manager of Dachuan robot company, said that in August this year, the first batch of robots had been on duty. Because of the good trial effect, Lanju electric signed a contract with the company to transform the rest of the production lines. After all the transformation is completed, half the labor is saved and the efficiency is doubled. Last month, with the attention of Shengzhou science and Technology Bureau, Dachuan robot settled in Shengzhou science and technology innovation center. Through precise support, the company's growth pace is faster and more stable

Shaoxing Hanli Industrial Automation Technology Co., Ltd., five minutes' drive from Dachuan robot, is also a fast-growing intelligent equipment enterprise. The "smart eye" independently developed by the company has become a new helper for efficient welding of kitchenware enterprises, reaching the world-class welding measurement speed

according to preliminary statistics, there are as many as 34 intelligent equipment enterprises such as Dachuan and Hanli in Shengzhou. For example, the daily purchase of plastic bags in Zhejiang supermarket is very large. The reducer, a key component of robots produced by jianglaifu harmonic drive Co., Ltd., has broken the technical barrier of Japanese Enterprises; Zhejiang Sanhe Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. has led the formulation of Zhejiang manufacturing standards for weft storage, an important equipment of looms

in the first three quarters, the investment and added value of high-tech industries in Shengzhou increased by 18% and 15% year-on-year respectively, the output value of new products above designated size increased by 27.6% year-on-year, and the output value rate of new products reached 50%

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