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Textile industry brings Qingdao's textile enterprises into Southeast Asia

more than 100 years ago, the textile industry brought Qingdao into the list of real industrial cities. The reputation of the textile industry is Qingdao's industrial pride for more than half a century. Because of this historical origin, the textile industry plays an important role in our city. Spinning, printing and dyeing, textile machinery manufacturing... The whole industrial chain is booming, and the development of textile production enterprises is also impressive. However, the rising domestic labor costs and the existence of export trade barriers have also brought some pressure to the textile production enterprises in the island city. In order to solve this problem, some island textile enterprises have invested in Southeast Asia to build factories, and have achieved good results by taking advantage of the local rich and cheap labor resources that will not affect the air flow in the experimental box and preferential import and export policies

Qingdao poly drawnwork Textile Co., Ltd. is a typical representative. Since its establishment in 1986, after nearly 20 years of development, poly drawnwork has developed into a leading domestic enterprise specializing in all kinds of indoor textile products. The business performance is good, and there are many difficulties encountered, mainly the difficulty and high cost of employment. Chenjunrong, deputy general manager of Qingdao poly drawnwork, told that there were no satisfactory skilled workers with a monthly salary of threeorfour yuan, which made it impossible to produce medium and low-end products with high volume

the turnaround occurred in 2013. After fully investigating the market, poly drawnwork invested 2.6 million US dollars to set up factories in Cambodia to produce drawnwork products, clothing, interior decorations, household textiles, bags, shoes and hats, which are exported to China, Japan, Europe and the United States and other countries. The biggest advantage here is the low labor cost. The 48 hour working week system is implemented here, and the total monthly wages, subsidies and social insurance payments of workers are only more than 1000 yuan, which is only one quarter compared with Qingdao. Although the production efficiency is slightly lower than that of domestic skilled workers, the general ledger is still available. Chen Junrong told that the tariff competitiveness is also very obvious. Developed countries such as the United States and Europe have given great preferential measures to the import of textile and clothing products from Cambodia, some of which are even duty-free and discontinuous multi empty materials, so that the low-end products of poly drawnwork will live at once. In 2014 alone, 600000 pieces were achieved. 1. How to install the production volume of concrete pressure testing machine and earn foreign exchange of 500000 US dollars through export, It is estimated that 1million pieces will be exported this year, with a total export volume of 1.5 million US dollars

low-end volume of foreign products, high-end price protection of domestic products. With the transfer out of medium and low-end products, poly drawnwork's factory in Qingdao began to fully produce high-end products, relying on the world's most advanced large-scale embroidery equipment for deep processing of products. The products produced have high scientific and technological content, are exquisite, and are highly respected by customers at home and abroad

compared with poly drawnwork, the leaders of the domestic textile industry immediately went out much earlier. In 2005, the United States began to set export quotas for Chinese ready-made clothes, that is, to set up factories in Vietnam at the request of customers, bypassing American quotas. The factory was completed and put into operation in 2006. After ten years of development, i.e. FA Cheng'an (Vietnam) Clothing Co., Ltd. has more than 1000 employees, and achieved export earnings of US $25.43 million in 2014

going global is not only about setting up factories to make money, but also about optimizing the allocation of design, production and marketing on a global scale, gradually establishing the development model of multinational enterprises and expanding the development space of enterprises. Liu Gang, the general manager of Chifa Cheng'an (Vietnam) Clothing Co., Ltd., said that going out has enhanced the sustainable development ability of the enterprise, and also led to the rapid development and expansion of the enterprise's import and export trade industry, civil building engineering indoor environmental pollution control code GB50325 (2) 001, which provides a new impetus for the subsequent development of the enterprise

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