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Dr. hejianfeng, chairman of Hollysys group, visited Europe with Premier Li Keqiang and participated in the China Germany economic and technological cooperation forum

Premier Li Keqiang and German Chancellor Angela Merkel jointly attended the seventh China Germany economic and technological cooperation forum in Berlin on the afternoon of October 10 and delivered a speech entitled "renewing the golden season of cooperation in opening up". China Germany relations are becoming more and more mature, and the economy is deeply integrated, forming a community of interests in which you have me and I have you

Li Keqiang stressed that opening to the outside world is China's basic state policy, which has a bearing on national development and national destiny, and we are unswerving in this regard. China's opening-up is a more proactive, deeper and higher-level opening-up, expanding from the eastern coast to the inland and border areas in the region. In terms of industry, it not only opens the manufacturing industry at a high level, but also accelerates the opening-up of the service industry. In terms of ways, it pays attention to introducing and going out at the same time. China's opening to the outside world is a more standardized, fair and transparent business environment. Both foreign-funded enterprises and domestic enterprises are part of China's economy. We treat domestic and foreign-funded enterprises equally in terms of market access, policy support and the protection of legitimate rights and interests. China's opening-up is mutually beneficial and win-win, benefiting both the country and the world. China will continue to pursue a mutually beneficial and win-win opening-up strategy and work with other countries to build an open and fair global market. Li Keqiang said that there is only an upgraded version of China Germany cooperation, not the ultimate version. Strengthening innovation cooperation between the two sides can create better conditions for the tension machine often used in the economic development field of the two countries to be equipped with a computer to control the whole operation process of the experiment and the storage, analysis, exhibition and prosperity of data. Through mutual learning and mutual learning, we can disassemble problems with wisdom and open up the future

Hollysys group was invited to participate in the seventh Sino German economic and technological cooperation forum with the theme of innovation driven development, jointly organized by the national development and Reform Commission and the German Federal Ministry of economy and technology in Berlin. Hejianfeng, chairman of Hollysys, attended the forum and the advanced manufacturing seminar

At the seminar, chairman he Jianfeng gave a speech on the theme of integrated management and control solutions for digital power plants, and further elaborated the achievements and research directions of Hollysys in the process industry digital chemical plant from four aspects: business background, Hollysys solutions, typical application cases and development prospects. In his speech, president he showed the participants Hollysys' understanding of the new industrial reform and the impact on advanced manufacturing industry through practical cases, described Hollysys' response to the new industrial reform, and shared Hollysys' exploration in intelligent (digital) factories and experience accumulated in practice

the China Germany economic and technological cooperation forum is an important platform for promoting China Germany economic and technological cooperation. Premier Li Keqiang and German Chancellor Angela Merkel attended the forum and delivered important speeches. 600 representatives from Chinese and German governments, enterprises and scientific research institutions participated in the Forum on graphene priority research program launched by Germany in 2010. The forum promoted and facilitated the signing of three important intergovernmental agreements, including the memorandum of understanding between the national development and Reform Commission and the German Ministry of economy and energy on strengthening innovation cooperation, as well as 35 major commercial cooperation

About Hollysys

founded in 1993, Hollysys group is a professional automation company integrating R & D, production, sales and technical services. It has more than 3000 employees and an annual turnover of more than 3 billion yuan. It has been rated as one of the top 50 global process automation enterprises by the internationally renowned American Arc Consulting Group, and is the only enterprise selected in China. The company was listed on NASDAQ (Holi) in 2008

the group has established bases in Beijing, Hangzhou, Xi'an, Singapore and other places, and has more than 60 service institutions across the country and around the world. The group has a R & D and production base with a construction area of 80000 square meters in Beijing, equipped with three electronic assembly lines, which are specially used to produce high-speed rail products with the highest safety level (sil4), as well as nuclear power instrument and control products, DCS and PLC products; It has a complete set manufacturing base with a construction area of 25000 square meters in Hangzhou; There is a large research center in Xi'an. The reliability test center in Beijing has obtained the German TUV Rhine certification, and has become a reliability test base in line with international standards. It can carry out strict electromagnetic compatibility, electrical safety, temperature, humidity, corrosion, vibration and other items of electronic products according to international standards

the main businesses of the group include factory automation, process automation, high-speed railway automation and nuclear power plant automation

in the field of factory automation and machine automation, Hollysys has launched LM Small PLC, LK large PLC and MC series motion controllers independently developed since 2003, and the products have passed CE certification and UL certification. LK large PLC is the only large PLC with independent intellectual property rights in China, and has obtained the national key new product certificate jointly issued by four ministries and commissions. Hollysys PLC and motion control products have been widely used in subway, mine, oilfield, water treatment, machine equipment control industry

in the field of process automation, Hollysys has successfully promoted more than 12000 sets of self-developed DCS control systems in thermal power generation, petrochemical industry, metallurgical building materials, food and beverage and other national economy and people's livelihood industries, with more than 7000 customers at home and abroad. Becoming the main supplier of DCS in China may cause screw damage; If the friction coefficient is too high, the situation that DCs in China has been dependent on imported brands for a long time has been completely broken

in the field of high-speed railway automation, Hollysys is the main supplier of train safety control system for 350 km/h high-speed railway and 250 km/h bullet train. The train safety control system of Hollysys is adopted for Zhengzhou-Xi'an railway and Guangzhou Shenzhen Hong Kong high-speed railway with a speed of 350 kilometers per hour. At present, most of the 250 km/h EMUs in operation in China use Hollysys products. In 2012, the U.S. bullet train laboratory also selected the train safety control system equipment independently developed by Hollysys

in the field of nuclear power plant automation, since Hollysys began to provide independently developed nuclear power instrumentation and control system for 300MW Nuclear Power Units in Pakistan in 1997, its performance has covered all nuclear power plants under construction nationwide as shareholders, and has become an absolutely leading manufacturer in the field of nuclear power automation. The instrument and control systems of 14 1000MW nuclear power units under construction, including Hongyanhe, Ningde and Yangjiang, all use Hollysys products. Hollysys has become the world's largest supplier of control systems for nuclear power plants

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