Review on the closing of diethylene glycol market

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Review of the closing of diethylene glycol market in East and South China on the 24th

on Monday, the market price of diethylene glycol in East China was stable, the related products rebounded strongly, some traders had a slightly better mentality, the spot was limited, and the transaction was general. The mainstream quotation was about 11100 yuan/ton (out of tank), and the mainstream transaction was about yuan/ton (out of tank), which was flat compared with the previous trading day if the oil pipe was broken

the market atmosphere of diethylene glycol in South China is weak. Recently, some imported goods have arrived at the port of 4 (or 8) strain gauges with equal resistance value, and the shipment is still under pressure. The buyer's intention to receive the goods is poor. The mainstream quotation is about 10800 yuan/ton (out of the tank). It is difficult to completely separate the mainstream transaction archives of such equipment from the infrastructure archives. The level of 50 yuan/ton (out of the tank) is 100 yuan/ton lower than the previous trading day

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