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Under the leadership of Shanghai Packaging Association, the Green Packaging Committee of Shanghai Packaging Technology Association took advantage of the great opportunity of the continuous improvement of environmental protection awareness of all sectors of society, actively explored new ideas for the work of the association, and explored ways to help enterprises quickly get out of difficulties, In the process of conscientiously fulfilling the tasks assigned by the municipal Packaging Technology Association, and actively participating in various relevant domestic and foreign exchange activities, we have continuously improved the quality of the Committee. Through one year's work, we have achieved certain results. However, there is still a huge gap between the needs of the objective situation and the work of the brother Committee, which needs us to be in the new year and in the new work, Constantly improve and improve. Here is a brief summary of the work in 2005

I. work report in 2005

1. Actively do a good job in the tasks assigned by Shanghai Packaging Technology Association

as a subsidiary of Shanghai Packaging Technology Association, we have always regarded the completion of the tasks assigned by the association as an important aspect of our work. We strive to continuously improve the quality of the Committee while completing the tasks assigned by the outsourcing Association; At the same time, we try to combine the work of completing the tasks assigned by the municipal contracting association with serving the industry and improving the influence of the Committee in the industry. Therefore, we have achieved good results in completing the task of shift handover of the municipal contracting Association and increasing the output with the increase of automation equipment

according to the arrangement of the municipal Packaging Association, we have carefully studied the "adapting to the needs of circular economy, vigorously developing green packaging industry (Exposure Draft)" written by the China Packaging Federation, put forward a system of generally levying packaging waste treatment fees on packaging material production units, which is specially used for the treatment of packaging waste, and stated the opinion that it is not suitable to levy taxes; At the same time, it is proposed that the environmental assessment of PVDC needs a very objective and cautious attitude. We should not only see its advantages, but also pay attention to the possible harm it may bring to environmental protection, which reflects the actual situation of the industry and provides reference opinions for relevant leaders to formulate policies. As another example, under the arrangement of the leadership of the packaging Association, he attended the inaugural meeting of the circular economy committee of the China Packaging Federation held in Beijing, where he listened to the speeches of relevant leaders and guests, and broadened the thinking of carrying out green packaging work; The members of the organizing committee participated in the Symposium on "packaging and environmental protection" between the Japanese packaging delegation to China, and through face-to-face communication, we have expanded our horizons...

2. Strengthen the publicity of green packaging

as China is still in the stage of developing countries, compared with advanced industrial developed countries, people's awareness of environmental protection is relatively low, so we should promote the work of green packaging, We must persist in long-term patient and meticulous publicity work. Therefore, we have always regarded publicity work as a very important work of the Committee in 2005. In this year, we not only published more than ten articles in newspapers and periodicals; With the support of Shanghai packaging magazine, published a special collection of green packaging; It also organized two papers and participated in the "Yangtze River Delta packaging forum". In addition, it also compiled and printed a briefing. Through these publicity, it has played a positive role in improving the environmental protection awareness of the packaging industry and citizens and promoting green packaging

Professor Guo Yanling told reporters that p>3. Explore new ideas and improve the work of the Committee

there are not many group member units of the committee, but the distribution of enterprises is quite wide, including those engaged in the production of pulp molding products, those engaged in the production of degradable plastics, those engaged in the recycling and utilization of waste packaging, and only those engaged in the design and manufacture of packaging machinery,... Although everyone has a common desire to promote the development of green packaging in China, However, due to the great differences in the specific work they are engaged in, it is often difficult to have in-depth discussions because of the lack of common themes when meeting together to study problems. According to this actual situation, in 2005, we began to explore the way of combining the general assembly activities of the Committee with the activities of professional groups to carry out the work of the Committee. Several separate activities of the pulp molding group showed that the activities of professional groups were more targeted. Carrying out some professional group activities in a timely manner had good results and was widely welcomed by member units

4. Actively do a good job in developing members and strengthening contacts with member units

doing a good job in developing members is the basis for doing a good job in the work of the association. In the past year, we have always put the organization of the Committee in a crucial position. In order to better carry out the green packaging work, we not only warmly welcome the units engaged in degradable plastics, pulp molding and recycling in Shanghai to join the committee, but also have done more thinking and exploration in the idea of developing members. We have broken the regional concept of developing members in the past, which is completely strictly limited to Shanghai. For the production base is not in Shanghai However, as long as they have the willingness to participate in the committee, we warmly welcome the representative and effective enterprises in the green packaging work to participate in our committee. According to this concept, we have absorbed Kunshan Baolv plastic resource recycling treatment Co., Ltd. to become the first cross regional member of our committee. Due to the opening of ideas, in the case of the recession of the industry and the withdrawal of Shanghai dongkai new packaging equipment Products Co., Ltd., the total number of members of the Committee in 2005 still increased slightly compared with that in 2004, from 17 at the end of 2004 to 20 at the end of 2005, which laid a good foundation for carrying out green packaging work in the future

in 2005, we also strengthened the contact with member units. In addition to the Committee directly contacting member units to listen to their opinions and suggestions, we also strengthened the function of the professional group after holding the sample, strengthened the contact between the leader unit of the professional group and member units, understood their needs, and better served the industry

II. Work vision for 2006

1. Take the completion of the work assigned by the municipal Packaging Association as an important task, and cooperate with the packaging Association to promote green packaging

2. Pay attention to and do a good job in the development of group members, absorb many units engaged in green packaging, willing to participate in the work of the association and jointly promote the development of green packaging work into the committee, and strive to develop no less than 5 new members in 2006

3. Do a good job in the publicity of green packaging. In addition to actively organizing manuscripts for a newspaper, a journal, a station and a newspaper, make use of various media to vigorously promote green packaging and adhere to the compilation and printing of briefings

4. Start the preparation of industry norms, create conditions to establish industry norms, and form an orderly competition mechanism in the industry

5. Explore and hold practical training courses, seminars, promotion meetings and other forms of activities to help the industry improve its technical level, management level and promote green packaging products

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