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Review of Yunnan's power system reform: share the development achievements with various industries

over the past 40 years of reform and opening up, as of October 2018, Yunnan's power installed capacity has reached 93.15 million KW, more than 71 times that of 1978, ranking sixth in the country. The installed capacity of clean energy accounted for 82.6%, and the power generation accounted for more than 92%, higher than the national average of 31%. A few days ago, it was learned from the Yunnan electric power reform and development forum that Yunnan power has become a large power with complex structure, high voltage level and mixed AC and DC operation in the world through eight circuit DC asynchronous connection with four provinces in the South and 220 kV and 110 kV lines with Vietnam, Myanmar and Laos

the forum reviewed the development process of Yunnan electric power in the past 40 years of reform and opening up. In the early stage of reform and opening up, Yunnan electric power industry, in accordance with the policy of "giving priority to the development of hydropower, coordinating the development of thermal power, and building electricity at the same time", raised funds from multiple channels to run electricity, successfully solved the problem of power shortage, seized the opportunity of the national western development, opened up the "west to East power transmission" strategy, and carried out the power system reform led by the "separation of power plants", It has promoted the rapid development of power supply and electricity in Yunnan. Nowadays, the implementation and improvement of the projects of "two reforms and one same price", "rural power transformation", "village power supply", "rural power transformation and upgrading" and "a new round of rural power transformation and upgrading" have achieved the same price guarantee for urban and rural power consumption. By 2012, the task of "all the people without electricity have access to electricity" has been completed, and the goal of "household power supply" has been achieved

the forum shows the new achievements made in the reform and development of Yunnan electric power since the 18th CPC National Congress. In terms of green development and innovation, the installed capacity of hydropower in Yunnan has grown from 33.0618 million kW in 2012 to 65.2886 million kW in October 2018, which is the best month among all thermoplastic engineering plastics, an increase of 1.98 times. The installed capacity of wind power and photovoltaic has also increased significantly. The power structure has achieved a historical leap in clean energy represented by hydropower

in terms of opening-up and development, the scale of "west to East power transmission" has further expanded. The annual maximum power transmission load has increased from 9.55 million kW in 2012 to 31.27 million kW in 2018, and the annual power transmission will increase from 41.8 billion kwh in 2012 to more than 138 billion kwh in 2018. Both the load and power have more than tripled

in terms of sharing development achievements with various industries, Yunnan began to take the lead in carrying out power market trading in the country in 2014. In 2015, Yunnan became the first batch of comprehensive pilot of power system reform and pilot provinces of transmission and distribution electricity price reform in the country. On August 25, 2016, Kunming Power Trading Center was officially established. In 2017, the market-oriented trading electricity reached 70.3 billion kwh, accounting for 58% of the total electricity in the province

in terms of poverty alleviation, the whole power industry in Yunnan has concentrated on "precise poverty eradication". In, Yunnan electric power company invested 8.42 billion yuan in industrial poverty relief funds and 57.346 million yuan in targeted poverty relief funds, benefiting 6.5939 million poor people in the province; Since 2016, the Three Gorges group has invested 500million yuan every year to help 4 prefectures (cities) and 11 counties (cities); Huaneng Lancang River hydropower company invests 500million yuan to help the Lahu and Wa people get rid of poverty every year; Huadian Yunnan company invested 3.127 billion to build more than 207 kilometers of roads such as the Nujiang Liubing highway and the "aid Tibet highway" in Shangri La, and invested 190million to build 23 resettlement schools and hope primary schools; Since 2015, Datang Yunnan company has invested a total of 400million yuan to help the poor in the Lisu inhabited areas of "Zhiguo nationality" in six counties and cities. The poverty alleviation work in the power industry has been highly praised by the provincial Party committee and the provincial government and widely praised by the people of the province

the forum pointed out that the characteristics of hydropower based resources have determined that there are long-term contradictions in the power supply of Yunnan Province, such as power shortage in dry season and water abandonment in flood season. From the perspective of the power generation characteristics of the province, the installed capacity of hydropower is significant, and it also has the problem of poor regulation capacity. Judging from the current installed capacity of the province and the power demand that we also expect to further improve the technical capacity of the industrial chain through industrial technology exchange, Yunnan's power supply has gradually changed from "full understanding and affirmation of specific utilization, experimental conditions and material characteristics throughout the year" to "surplus in flood season and tension in dry season" since 2018, and the west to East power transmission is an inevitable choice to continue to promote the complementary and coordinated development of eastern and western resources, It is an important way to alleviate the contradiction between power supply and demand in Yunnan and promote the transformation of Yunnan's resource advantages. This measure will continue to be promoted

the forum pointed out that power is the advantage of our province's energy industry, and Yunnan's unique power development foundation and advantages have laid a solid foundation for building a world-class "green energy brand". At present, the installed capacity of wind power, photovoltaic and other new energy in Yunnan has reached 11.479 million KW; A large number of new technologies, new materials and new processes have been continuously applied. The world's first 300 meter high double curvature arch dam of Xiaowan power station and the construction of Nuozhadu power station's first high core rockfill dam in China have become symbols, and Yunnan's hydropower technology has leapt to the domestic advanced level; A large number of projects such as Funing converter station, Lubuge power station, Xiaowan power station and Nuozhadu power station have won the "Luban Award", "National Excellence Award", "Zhan Tianyou Award", "international milestone project award" and other honors. Focusing on the high-quality development of the industry, Yunnan electric power actively integrates into the field of green, low-carbon, intelligent and data information technology, and makes full use of cutting-edge technologies such as big data, cloud computing and mobile Internet to solve outstanding problems in power production and operation. Asynchronous operation control technology, OS2 intelligent control technology, safety and stability control system, AC and DC, everyone can rest assured to understand the application of high-capacity long-distance power transmission technology, ensuring the safety and stability of complex power with complex structure, difficult control and high operation risk in the world, all marking that Yunnan electric power is moving towards low-carbon, information and intelligence

Xue Wu, President of Yunnan electric power industry association and chairman of Yunnan Electric Power Co., Ltd., said that under the background of the new round of power system reform, Yunnan electric power will play a fundamental role in ensuring national security and public safety, play a platform supporting role in power supply and market transactions, and lead and promote the development of the power industry; Yunnan Electric Power Association will continue to build four platforms of "policy research, statistical information, professional services, communication and coordination", guide the whole industry to promote green development, promote the revolution of energy production and consumption, build a clean, low-carbon, safe and efficient energy system, optimize and strengthen the green energy industry in our province, and build the green energy industry into an important pillar industry in our province in accordance with the requirements of the 19th CPC National Congress

in addition, the forum also released the album "commemorating the 40 years of reform and opening up of Yunnan electric power industry" at the same time, replaying every memorable moment in the 40 years of Yunnan electric power industry. At the same time, it also presented awards for 110 innovative achievements and 42 forum solicitations made in the reform, development and innovation of Yunnan electric power industry

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