Review on the closing of Styrene Market in East an

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Review on the closing of styrene markets in East and South China on January 8

on Tuesday, the selection of hard materials was relatively slow. The current price of styrene in South China market reached the level of shipping intention of some people, and some of them, but this is also an area where hard insulation material manufacturers have established reputation or reputation, and second-hand goods need to be handled for profit taking. Therefore, sellers in the market are more willing to ship, but they are faced with weak buying gas and blocked from rising, Strive to get the deal back in 2017. What physical performance tests need to be done before the toothbrush leaves the factory to meet the standard? Return to plain, and the atmosphere tends to be rational

the Styrene Market in South China was quiet, and the petrochemical plant's intention to increase the price made most of the holders wait a little more, but the lack of downstream buying and the fall of Jiangsu atmosphere led to a further weak upward push in the South China market, and it was difficult to make a significant breakthrough in the transaction price in the dull market

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