Mr. xuebaihua, deputy general manager of the hotte

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Mr. xuebaihua, deputy general manager of Beijing Dongtu technology, was rated as Beijing professor level senior engineer

recently, the professional and technical qualification evaluation meeting of high-end leading talents in the demonstration zone was held in Beijing. A total of 82 entrepreneurs were selected from 16 parks in Zhongguancun District 1, and 4 entrepreneurs in Shijingshan park were rated as Beijing professor level senior engineers. Mr. xuebaihua, deputy general manager of Beijing Dongtu Technology Co., Ltd., who only knows green building technology such as steel structure, was honored and elected; Professor level senior engineer is a senior professional title in the engineering category of professional and technical titles in China. It is a positive senior title and the highest level in the qualification of senior engineers

the evaluation conditions and procedures of professor level engineers are the most stringent level in the professional title qualification evaluation. The evaluation of professor level engineer's personality talents needs to have the professional ability to undertake or preside over the formulation of national or industrial technical standards, complete the main tensile machine of key projects or series of products that have an important impact on the development of the industry, and also cooperate with the type or requirements of the test object to destroy the test piece and obtain the research, design, manufacturing and production management of all parts of the test process. At the same time, individuals also need to obtain nationally recognized invention patents and convert them into commodity production to achieve good economic and social benefits. They also need to have performance experience in completing Government R & D projects. This professional title has high gold content and strict requirements for professional ability and performance. Being able to be evaluated is a high recognition for technical workers

being rated as a professor level senior engineer is not only a personal honor, but also an effective proof of the company's R & D strength. Dongtu technology has been focusing on the construction of R & D team and the research and development of industrial Ethernet switches. In recent years, we have made great progress. We will continue to invest in the R & D and innovation of technology, so that there is no more communication between machines, and provide the latest solutions for the simplification, intensification and intellectualization of industrial control. It is the development ideal that Dongtu technology has adhered to for a long time

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