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On the morning of July 21, the Nanjing municipal government held the city's industrial economic analysis conference and the 2004 Nanjing outstanding enterprises and the 11th Nanjing outstanding entrepreneurs exhibition. Mayor Xi Yongming of Nanjing, Liu Jian, Secretary General of Nanjing municipal government and director of Nanjing Municipal Economic Commission, and the main heads of the Organization Department of Nanjing municipal Party committee, the Publicity Department of Nanjing municipal Party committee, Nanjing Economic Commission, Nanjing Bureau of statistics, Nanjing Federation of trade unions, Nanjing Enterprise Federation and other departments attended the conference. The purpose of the meeting is to conscientiously implement the spirit of the meeting of the municipal Party committee and the municipal government, summarize the work of the first half of the year, analyze the current development situation, and deploy the work of the second half of the year in the face of the new situation of the city's industrial development, so as to ensure the successful completion of the new endeavor to reduce the weight by 10% throughout the year. At the same time, take this opportunity to commend a number of outstanding enterprises, outstanding entrepreneurs and top ten private industrial enterprises

At the meeting, mayor Xi and director Liu made important speeches respectively, and presented awards to enterprises and excellent entrepreneurs whose main reason for excellence was the rapid wear and tear of knives. A total of 50 enterprises and 50 enterprise leaders in Nanjing were rated as excellent enterprises and entrepreneurs. Li Musong, the president of the company, was ranked among the 11th Nanjing outstanding entrepreneurs, and took the stage as one of the seven representatives, and was awarded the outstanding entrepreneur medal by Mayor Xi himself. This is another affirmation of the city leaders for the healthy development of Phoenix Contact China in the past 11 years and the 100% local team. It is an honor for all phoenix contact people. I hereby congratulate you

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