Mr. fuxueyong, vice president of the global market

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Mr. fuxueyong, vice president of the global market of Dongtu technology, attended the second EBN annual meeting and e-commerce development forum

in March 2014 to ensure good value delivery. On the afternoon of March 7, the EBN annual meeting and e-commerce forum of the 2014camrs China Automation annual meeting were held as scheduled in Beijing Gehua Kaiyuan hotel. Nearly 120 people including EBN franchised brands, distributors, gongkong mall franchised merchants and specially invited Manufacturing Purchasing users participated in the annual meeting and e-commerce forum. Mr. fuxueyong, vice president of the global market of Dongtu technology, was invited to attend as a speaker

gongkong? E-commerce includes two platforms: franchise distribution and e-commerce direct sales. Gongkongebn relies on the franchise of distributors and authorized procurement of e-commerce platforms to build a terminal channel network across the country; Gongkongmall relies on gongkong? Huge professional access resources and open e-commerce platform procurement, build a more stable platform for direct sales to scattered users

in the field of industrial and electrical automation, in the face of decentralized market demand, channel is the king, which is a consistent sales model. It has the advantages of high efficiency, energy saving and high cost performance. When the economic environment and market demand change, the channel mode is also undergoing profound changes. The channel management tends to be flat and terminal. E-commerce has become the development trend of the industry from water testing to strategic layout

the third on the left is Mr. fuxueyong, deputy general manager of the global market of Dongtu technology.

Dongtu technology was established in 2004, focusing on the field of industrial communication. It completed its IPO and was listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange in September 2012, focusing on the research of communication technology between machines, and constantly integrating data acquisition and control data management technology to provide advanced and reliable solutions and products for the construction of industrial informatization intelligent neural network. Participated in the formulation of a number of IEC international standards, 65 invention patents, national standards, and the preparation of technical standards for industrial Ethernet switches for measurement and control, and established the company's quality management system that follows the diameter of the fracture measured by vernier caliper GJB9001A-2001 and gb/t; It has a full range of industrial optical communication and Ethernet communication products, with more than 100000 devices running stably on the, covering many industries and fields such as power, transportation, energy, factory automation, etc; The service and marketing network covers all provinces and cities across the country, providing 7x24 uninterrupted services; And has established sales channels in Europe, America, Southeast Asia, India and other markets

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