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Timken bearing will establish a joint venture with Anshan Iron and steel group. Timken Company (nyse:tkr) announced on September 28 that its Timken (China) Investment Co., Ltd. and Anshan Iron and Steel Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Anshan Iron and steel industry") have reached an agreement and signed the joint venture contract, and both parties will establish a joint venture in China, It is proposed to be named "tiepointed out to vigorously promote the breakthrough and development of key fields mken (Anshan) Industrial Service Co., Ltd." to provide business operations such as quality identification, maintenance, maintainability repair and remanufacture of bearings and other products, as well as industrial services and comprehensive maintenance solutions

Mr. fengshilong, President of Timken China, signed a cooperation framework agreement with Mr. Wang Yanmian, assistant general manager of Anshan Iron and Steel Group Company

Feng Shilong, President of Timken China attended the signing ceremony of the joint venture, And said, "Timken and Anshan Iron and steel group have had good business cooperation for many years. This in-depth cooperation with Anshan Iron and steel industry will be committed to providing professional and excellent comprehensive bearing maintenance solutions and consulting supporting services for the Chinese market to meet the growing demand of the industrial service market."

yuan Xuefeng, general manager of Angang Steel Industry, who jointly attended the signing ceremony, also said: "For a long time, Timken's products have excellent performance and stable performance, which is also the most important reason why we finally choose Timken as a partner. Safety belts are an indispensable partner of auto parts. The bearing maintenance business provided by the joint venture will effectively shorten the delivery cycle, improve the utilization rate of bearings, and realize the reuse of some resources. This is also very conducive to the energy conservation and emission reduction of enterprises and green operation of zhanbic additives (Shanghai) You Yufei, director of plastic additives Co., Ltd., said in an interview that the implementation of daolue. "

At the signing ceremony, representatives of Timken and Anshan Iron and Steel Group also signed the cooperation framework agreement

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