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On November 18, the error of the perpendicularity of the installation on the left side of China Plastics Co., Ltd. will affect the top note of the experimental machine, and the Chengdu International Trade Center will be officially opened. The opening of the largest comprehensive international trade high-end platform integrating trade and services in industries such as plastics, furniture and lighting in Western China means that a plastic related trade aircraft carrier sets sail in Mulan Town, Xindu District. Many people can't imagine why such a major project has settled in this hilly Township? What impact will it have on the industrial development of Mulan town and even Xindu District and strive to build a "strong industrial zone" in the future? With these questions, I visited liugangyi, deputy head of Xindu District, and liuwenkang, Secretary of the Party committee of Mulan town

directly elected "the first town"

nesting attracted "Golden Phoenix"

speaking of Mulan Town, many people still think of the directly elected "the first town" in those years. When Zhongsu Chengdu International Trade Center announced its settlement in Mulan Town, it was still a little surprising

"in those years, grassroots democracy such as public recommendation and direct election was promoted, and the work related to political construction was poured and consolidated with high-strength cement mortar, which forged an excellent cadre team for Mulan town." Liu Gangyi is the Secretary of the town Party committee elected by Mulan town for the first time, but generally HBS is only applicable to metal materials below 450n/mm2 (MPA). In his view, the development concept and work style of cadres have undergone profound changes, laying a good political foundation for economic development. A very important factor in the settlement of China Plastics project in Mulan is that it is optimistic about the harmonious atmosphere and good soft environment for investment and development formed by promoting the construction of grass-roots democracy in Mulan

at the same time, Mulan town is located at the intersection of the belt Expressway and the Chengdu (Jinzhou) Qingdao expressway, close to the Xindu highway logistics center and the Qingbaijiang railway logistics center, with increasingly prominent regional advantages. At the same time, as the main carrier of the commerce and trade functional area of the northern new town of the 13 municipal strategic industrial functional areas, it will become the core area of the city's commerce and trade industry in the future. "These factors are also valued by the decision makers of the China Plastics project." Liu Wenkang added

finally, China Plastics City took the initiative to find the door and cooperated with Chengdu Lianxing to select Mulan Town, hoping to jointly build an international trade center for plastic raw materials and plastic related products with the largest scale, the most concentrated industries, the most complete products and the widest trading coverage in the western region

relying on the China Plastics project

to build the "first town" of plastic international trade in Western China

"just as China Plastics City has made great contributions to Yuyao's ranking among the top 100 counties in China, we also have high hopes for the China Plastics Chengdu International Trade Center project." Liu Gangyi and Liu Wenkang expressed the same wish

Liu Gangyi said that the China Plastics project is a commercial center focusing on wholesale, which plays a strong driving role in the integration and leading of the whole industrial chain of plastic R & D, production and sales in Chengdu and even the southwest region. For Mulan Town, the project not only promotes urbanization, but also improves various functional supporting facilities in Mulan Town, which brings considerable benefits to the economic development and people's production and living environment in Mulan town. At the same time, it will also play a demonstration and driving role for the entire Xindu District's commerce and trade industry to move towards the high end. Mulan town has been listed as a demonstration town for the development of small towns in Chengdu. "We are striving to build it into a new rural town integrating business services, ecological living and cultural leisure."

"we also hope that through the construction of China Plastics · Chengdu International Trade Center project, more residents will be driven to get rich." Liu Wenkang said that according to the ideas of "rural town" and "rich town of Commerce and trade", China plastics will further give play to its brand effect, attract more upstream and downstream enterprises, constantly improve the plastic related industrial chain, and strive to build Mulan town into the "first town" of international commerce and trade of plastics in the West

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