MTU brand series exhibited at BMW Shanghai 2014

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Rolls Royce 2014 Shanghai BMW exhibition shows MTU brand series engines

Rolls Royce 2014 Shanghai BMW exhibition shows MTU brand series engines

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Rolls Royce exhibited MTU brand construction and industrial engine series products and supporting services at the 2014 Shanghai BMW China exhibition. The products include 500 series, 1100 series, 1300 series and 4000 series engines with a power range of 75 to 300. On the other hand, they can well eliminate the influence of irregular samples on the sensor. MTU brand belongs to Rolls Royce power system under Rolls Royce sea and land business department

mtu engines are mainly 1100 and 1300 series. These two series are aimed at the product market that meets the EPA and EU non road final stage 4 standards, and meet the strict emission standards implemented in Europe and the United States. These two series have a power range of 2 operating environments: 80 to 390 kW. They also introduce the SCR system without compressed air drive, stronger output and torque characteristics, and low fuel consumption

500 series engines with an output power of 260 to 480 kW also adopt SCR technology to meet the emission standards of non road EPA transition phase 4 and EU Ⅲ B, and realize reliable operation by using fuel with sulfur content less than 300ppm

in addition, the new generation of 4000 series engines to be launched in 2015 will have a power range of 1150 to 3000 kW. This series of engines are divided into 12, 16 and 20 cylinder versions, and the fuel consumption is 3% lower than that of the current epa2 engine

for construction, industrial and mining applications, the main value of multi-functional MTU engine lies in low fuel consumption and strong performance, which is due to particle size reduction, power and compact design, superior dynamic performance and reliability. For Western and Asian enterprises seeking clean propulsion solutions, MTU engines that meet international emission standards are popular. Relying on the strong network of service agents and authorized repair plants, which can also draw lessons from the experience of developed countries, MTU is firmly committed to serving the Chinese market and providing high-quality solutions for Chinese customers

mtu not only provides engines, but also provides system expertise and localization supporting services. From spare parts to portable maintenance equipment, MTU value care plan fully covers the product line to ensure that customers get the maximum value. Based on the extensive network of MTU authorized dealers and service agents, the value care program covers all MTU products and services worldwide

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