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Taboos for handling and installation of wired glass

wired glass is also called shatterproof glass. It is made by heating the ordinary flat glass to the red heat softening state, and then pressing the iron wire or iron wire that has been recycled and returned to the production cycle into the middle of the glass. It is characterized by superior fire resistance, can block the flame, does not burst when burning at high temperature, and will not cause debris to hurt people when broken. In addition, there is anti-theft performance. The fuselage of the experimental machine is made of standard steel, and the glass is cut and blocked by iron wire. It is mainly used for roof skylights and balcony windows

1. the wired glass shall be packed in containers, container racks or wooden cases. Each piece of glass shall be packed in plastic bags or paper. The glass and the packing case shall be filled with light and soft materials that are not easy to scratch the glass. The words "face up, handle with care" and the thickness, specification, type or trademark of the glass shall be marked on the outside of each packing case

2. during transportation, the glass shall not be placed horizontally or obliquely, and the length direction shall be the same as the vehicle transportation direction, with rainproof facilities. When handling the glass, avoid collision with hard objects to avoid damaging the glass, so that employees can have a platform, pay back and work with dignity in the development of Dongqing. The temporarily unused products shall be stored in a dry room, and shall be placed vertically on the A-shaped shelf, inclined to the vertical plane, and fixed with ropes

3. before installation, the wired glass shall be protected from high-temperature exposure, high-temperature rain and other climatic environments. The glass on the construction site shall be stored in a ventilated and dry place. In case of sudden change of weather or heavy rain, the construction personnel shall inspect the site in time to prevent the glass packaging box from soaking in water and causing water seepage and discoloration at the edge of the wired glass

4. do not install the wired glass savagely during installation. Handle it gently with even force. The window frame shall be made of products with high precision and not easy to rust. At the same time, the different thermal expansion coefficients of glass and frame materials shall be fully considered, leaving a margin. 2. Computer system tensile testing machine: it is the most common tensile testing machine. The size of the glass and the window frame shall match. The glass shall be small rather than large, but the depth of the glass bite and the depth of the window frame groove shall meet the requirements. The method of four side framing shall be adopted, and the design shall consider that it is easy to quickly drain rainwater and dew. Keep the glass dry

5. the metal frame shall not be in direct contact with the glass. The glass and the frame shall be filled with high-quality sealing materials, and attention shall be paid to the compatibility between the sealing materials and the PVB film. Silicone rubber or polysulfide rubber sealing materials are recommended. The installation design and construction operation shall comply with the national mandatory industry standard JGJ technical specification for application of building glass

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