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"Systematization" of cigarette packaging design

as the saying goes: people rely on clothes, while Buddha relies on gold. A good cigarette packaging not only has the most basic protection function, but also has the sales function. Today, with the increasingly saturated consumer market, the good or bad packaging of a cigarette will even affect the sales of cigarettes. It can even be said that a good cigarette packaging has sales power and is a silent salesman of cigarettes. It can attract consumers' attention at the retail terminal and even trigger consumers' desire to buy

personalization of cigarette packaging design

then, how to make cigarette packaging design personalized and how to make cigarette packaging stand out from many homogeneous product packaging? This is what tobacco enterprises need to consider. Cigarette packaging is not only a container for packaging cigarettes, but also a sharp weapon for cigarette brand promotion, bearing the added value of cigarette brands and consumers' cognition of cigarette brands

in fact, many tobacco enterprises have also realized this. By injecting the cultural concept of product or brand into the cigarette packaging design, they make consumers feel not only the value of the product, but also the cultural added value behind the product

Taishan is the high-end cigarette brand of Shandong Zhongyan. At the beginning of 2008, Shandong Zhongyan launched the Rufeng Taishan with a high-profile retail price of 800 yuan. Taking advantage of the Confucian spirit and the powerful force of heaven and earth, Taishan brand officially announced that a new era of Shandong tobacco has come. Taishan brand has also become the hope of Shandong Zhongyan in the rise of high-end cigarette market

this Confucian style Taishan is a product with unique cultural personality. It is not only the highest end cigarette product under Taishan brand; Under the tide of inheriting and carrying forward the Confucian culture around the world according to the statistics of relevant departments, Shandong Zhongyan, relying on the resource advantages of a large cultural province, has injected the Confucian culture gene into the Taishan brand. With the introverted product design style, it has transmitted the Taishan brand's life philosophy of being a gentleman and not proud from the cigarette label, filter tip and aroma

if you carefully taste the packaging design of this Confucian style Taishan, you can feel that it borrows the Chinese philosophy of 2000 years ago and makes an accurate definition and interpretation of exquisite life through cigarettes. At the same time, the overall packaging design of this Confucian style Taishan has even brightened the eyes of most consumers. From cigarettes to the outer packaging of cigarette boxes, there is the spirit of gaomai's elegant Chinese traditional culture. With the contrast of Chinese traditional temperament, Taishan graphics is firmly in the center of the cigarette box outer packaging, revealing the Confucian style of Taishan brand, which is introverted, exquisite and grand. At the same time, it fully reflects the noble identity and good taste of smokers. From this Confucian style of Mount Tai, consumers can experience the profound traditional culture that the cultural concept to be promoted by Mount Tai brand can fully meet the large demand for composite materials in future projects by using a pack of cigarettes to publicize the Chinese nation Expo. Whether it is a saint or a poet, whether it is the quintessence of traditional Chinese culture or a famous poem, it is closely around Mount Tai. In terms of cultural concept, Taishan brand has occupied the most well-known cultural symbols of Taishan and Confucius in China. In today's social macro environment of advocating harmony and the prevalence of Confucian style, the brand culture advocated by Confucian style Taishan is also easier to attract the attention of the market, and finally forms a consumption trend

Jinqiao is one of the two leading brands of Fujian tobacco. In 2008, Jinqiao (British milk fragrance) was officially launched. It is a brand-new characteristic product launched after international Jinqiao and Jinqiao (red International). It is the first characteristic product of the special series among the two product series of Jinqiao brand international series and special series

the packaging design of Jinqiao (British milk fragrance) reflects the full British fashion style. The cigarette is slightly thinner than the ordinary cigarette, with a diameter of 22.3mm (the ordinary cigarette is 24mm). It is the first octagonal cigarette packaging process among the fine cigarettes in China. This packaging design is based on the design of the traditional Scottish noble square, making the product show an international visual effect. This kind of classic aesthetics originated in the 18th century in Britain is the application of today's fashion industry's return to the pure British life style in the field of cigarettes. Behind its design is a kind of hereditary noble lineage inheritance, which makes consumers show their elegant style and show their rich and luxurious European style

Jinqiao (British milk fragrance) uses white card paper printing pearlescent ink, which has a unique light change effect and fully highlights the young, fashionable and elegant temperament of the product; The overall packaging color is mainly soft milk tea color, which reflects the unique smoking characteristics of Earl milk tea. The grey 34 ribbed steel sleeve is made up of extruded connection color checkers with fine diagonal stripes. The cloth effect is produced under the lining of pearlescent ink white cardboard. The use of purplish red lines makes the whole package look naughty, lively and vivid in dignity. In line with the modern trend and fashion, the elegant tone style gives people a noble and elegant visual experience

systematization of cigarette packaging design

however, although cigarette packaging design needs personalization, the systematization principle of cigarette packaging design cannot be ignored. Cigarette packaging design is an important part of brand integrated marketing strategy. Although the packaging design with unique cultural personality can make the brand stand out in many homogeneous product packaging, the principle of consistency can not be violated

brands need to speak with the same voice and leave a unified impression in the minds of consumers, rather than scattered and disordered. Coca Cola has different trademarks in different language countries, but no matter which language, consumers can recognize the logo of Coca Cola, especially the red packaging design of Coca Cola. Perceptual red packaging, TV advertising film with red background, red banner at the promotion site, dark brown liquid and passionate bubbles are the intuitive feelings Coca Cola brings to consumers. Sprite's green packaging, green based posters, underwater advertisements and cool associations are the intuitive feelings that sprite brings to consumers. There is no doubt that Coca Cola and Sprite, whether in product packaging, promotional posters, or other forms of publicity, have left a unified impression in the minds of consumers and deepened consumers' visual cognition of Coca Cola and sprite

similarly, the packaging design of cigarette brands should have both personalized needs and the principle of systematization. Rufeng Taishan is a humanistic Chinese cigarette product. The launch of Rufeng Taishan has set a value benchmark for Taishan brand. Following the Confucian style of Mount Tai, Shandong Zhongyan launched Mount Tai, a mountain of hope. How about Dai Zongfu? Qilu is still green. Nature is beautiful, yin and Yang cut the dawn. Swing your chest to generate stratus clouds, and break your canthus into the returning birds. It will reach the top of the mountain and see all the small mountains. An ancient poem from "Wangyue" written by poet Dufu vividly depicts the characteristics of Mount Tai. Mount Tai inherits the cultural charm of Mount Tai, organically integrates the ancient oriental culture into cigarette products, and thus produces a unique humanistic Chinese cigarette product. At the same time, Wangyue Taishan continues to place the Taishan graphics in the center of the cigarette box outer packaging, which not only shows the introverted, exquisite and atmospheric brand of Wangyue Taishan, but also inherits the design style of Confucian Taishan

in fact, consumers can feel the consistency of the packaging design of Taishan brand cigarettes, from the Rufeng Taishan at 800 yuan, to the movement Taishan at 230 yuan, to the Wangyue Taishan at 180 yuan, to the cloud Taishan at 150 yuan, and to the Hongtu Taishan and Huagui Taishan at 100 yuan. They put Taishan graphics in the center of the outer packaging of cigarette boxes, Different color backgrounds are used to distinguish different product grades. Consumers of each Taishan brand cigarette product can feel the unique humanistic value

in a word, cigarette packaging design, as an important part of brand integrated marketing strategy, requires both personalized needs and systematic principles. Only in this way, cigarette packaging can better leave a unified impression in the minds of consumers and deepen consumers' understanding of cigarette brands. Nowadays, in the increasingly saturated competition in the consumer market, the good or bad of a cigarette packaging will even affect the sales of cigarettes. Don't underestimate a small cigarette package. It is not only a container for sub packaging cigarettes, but also a sharp weapon for cigarette brand promotion, carrying the added value of cigarette brands and consumers' cognition of cigarette brands

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